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This Week's We're Related Relationships - 20 January 2017

I received 7 new cousin relationships on the We're Related mobile app this week, which is based on Ancestry Member Trees.  The new relationships, and my initial evaluation of them, are:

1)  Paul "Bear" Bryant -- Sports figure, 8th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Mary French (1624-1697).

My line from Mary French (1624-1697) on the app is wrong.  It shows her son Samuel Smith (1641-1691) (who married Sarah Clark).  Samuel was the son of Henry Smith and Elizabeth of Dedham, Mass., not Mary French who married George Smith of Ipswich in 1644.  My judgment is that this relationship is Unlikely.

2)  Jenny Hawran - Facebook friend, 8th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Sarah --?-- (1654-1727).

My line is back to Sarah (--?--) Hartshorn (1654-1727), wife of Joseph Hartshorn (1652-1727), through their daughter Mehitable Hartshorn (1683-1771).  Jenny's line goes through Joseph Hartshorn (1688-1758) to Joseph Hartshorn and Sarah --?--.  My judgment is that this relationship is Likely.

3)  Pam Drake -- Facebook friend, 8th cousin 2x removed, common ancestor is Bartholomaeus Scheible (1616-1690).  

The app has added five generations back from my brick wall ancestor, Maria Magdalena Hoax (1768-1851), through four generations of Federhoff persons.  Pam's line is probably correct, but my judgment is that this relationship is Very Unlikely. 

4)  Alice Eichholz -- Facebook friend, 8th cousin, common ancestor is Elizabeth Mott (1659-1723).

My line back to Elizabeth Mott goes through Benjamin Wing (1698-1776), by her second husband, Matthew Wing (1674-1724).  Alice's line on the app goes through Rebecca Richardson (1675-1715).  Elizabeth Mott had a Rebecca Ricketson by her first husband, William Ricketson (1636-1691), who she married in 1679.  I have that the Rebecca Ricketson (1681-1751) in my database married John Russell (1679-1767).  My judgment is that this relationship is Unlikely.  

5)  Jenna Mills -- Facebook friend, 9th cousin, common ancestor is Jonas Prescott (1648-1723).

My line to Jonas Prescott is son Jonas Prescott (1678-1750).  Jenna's line is through daughter Dorothy Prescott (1682-1722), who married John Varnum.  My judgment is that this relationship is Very Likely.

6)  Anna Kendrick -- Actress, 8th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is Mehitable Fish (1647-1697).

My line to Mehitable Fish goes through Mary Tripp (1689-1754).  Anna's line goes through Jabez Tripp (1687-????), brother of my Mary Tripp.  My judgment is that this relationship is Likely.  

7)  Johnny Cash -- Musician, 9th cousin 1x removed, common ancestor is William White (1593-1673).

According to the app, my line to this William White is through Susanna White (1636-1688), mother of Esther Waget (1677-1748), the mother of Isaac Buck (1706-1780).  I don't know the parents of Esther Waget,  The FamilySearch Family Tree says her parents are Thomas Wagget and Susanna Green, but has no parents for Susanna Green.   I have no clue about Johnny Cash's line.  My judgment is that this relationship is Unlikely.  

My count is up to 128 famous or Facebook cousins provided by the app.  This week, my judgment is that only three of the seven cousin relationships are Likely or better.

I will say it again:  My biggest problem with this We're Related app is that it thinks it knows my ancestral lines better than I do, and adds one to five generations to some of my end-of-line ancestors.  The second biggest problem is that many of the lines of the famous or Facebook persons have colonial lines that jump from one region to another, as with the Ruth Himan line.

They may be right -- I don't know -- and I can't really find out because they provide no source material to back up their assertions.  If there was authoritative information for my end-of-line ancestors, I would add it.  None of the "Unlikely" or "Wrong" relationships have been convincing to me yet.


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