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Best of the Genea-Blogs - 8 to 14 January 2017

Hundreds of genealogy and family history bloggers write thousands of posts every week about their research, their families, and their interests. I appreciate each one of them and their efforts.

My criteria for "Best of ..." are pretty simple - I pick posts that advance knowledge about genealogy and family history, address current genealogy issues, provide personal family history, are funny or are poignant. I don't list posts destined for daily blog prompts or meme submissions (but I do include summaries of them), or my own posts.

Here are my picks for great reads from the genealogy blogs for this past week:

*  DNA Testing for Adoptees: 2017 by Judy G. Russell on The Legal Genealogist blog.  Judy reviews the tests and best practices for Adoptee DNA tests and results.

*  German Genealogy Research - The Basics German Research - Getting From Here to There;  German Research -- Using Maps by Miles Meyers on Miles' Genealogy Tips blog.  Miles has an excellent series on German research.

*  FamilySearch Reviews 2016 Accomplishments -- Part 1 and Part 2 by the writer of the Ancestry Insider blog. Mr. AI highlights the FamilySearch stats and compares them to the 2015 accomplishments.

*  Marrying of Cousins by Wayne Shepheard on the Discover Genealogy blog.  Wayne reviews this issue in the world, UK and the US.

*  Family Tree Maker (R) -- Goodbye Ancestry -- Hello MacKiev by Dave Robison on the Old Bones Genealogy of New England Blog.  Dave explains how Software MacKiev fixed his Family Tree Maker installation issues.

*  What to do When Your @FamilyTreeDNA Autosomal Results Come In by Louis Kessler on Louis Kessler's Behold Genealogy blog.  Louis got his FamilyTreeDNA results and used a spreadsheet and tree to analyze it.

*  Go Ahead, Contact That Courthouse! by Janine Adams on the Organized Your Family History blog.  Great advice.

*  My Living DNA Results Part 1: Family Ancestry Maps by Debbie Kennett on the Cruwys News blog.  Debbie shares her biogeographical ancestry from this test which concentrates on British Isles ancestry.

*  Working on Wednesday: William R. Phillips (1818-1890), Merchant - The Presidential Pardon Application, August 1865 by Pat Hartley on the Ancestry Island blog.  Pat has a fascinating document about her ancestor.

* at 10 Years -- The Challenges Ahead by E. Randol Schoenberg on the Schoenblog.  Randol discusses unified trees in general and compares them, and has a wish list for Geni improvements.

Here are pick posts by other geneabloggers this week:

*  Friday Fossicking 13th Jan 2017 by Crissouli on the That Moment In Time blog.

*  GAGs - GeniAus Gems - 12 January 2017 by Jill Ball on the GeniAus blog.

*  Friday's Family History Finds by Linda Stufflebean on the Empty Branches on the Family Tree blog.

*  Friday Finds -- Week 2, 2017 by Martin Roe on the Norwegian Genealogy and then some blog.

  Friday Finds 13 Jan 2017 by Nichelle Barra on the Copper Leaf Genealogy blog.

 This Week's Creme de la Creme -- January 14, 2017 by Gail Dever on the Genealogy a la Carte blog. 

*  Saturday Serendipity (January 14, 2017) by John D. Tew on the Filiopietism Prism blog.

Readers are encouraged to go to the blogs listed above and read their articles, and add their blogs to your Favorites, Feedly, another RSS feed, or email if you like what you read. Please make a comment to them also - all bloggers appreciate feedback on what they write.

Did I miss a great genealogy blog post? Tell me! I am currently reading posts from over 1600 genealogy bloggers using Feedly, but I still miss quite a few it seems.

Read past Best of the Genea-Blogs posts here.


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Debbie Kennett said...

Randy, Thanks for the mention. The Living DNA test doesn't just concentrate on British ancestry. There are 80 world regions. It's just that all my recent ancestry is from Britain. The test will also give regional breakdowns for people from other countries.

KSteckelberg said...

Thanks for providing this list of blogs! I found several new ones to subscribe to that should prove helpful.

Old Bones Search said...

Hi Randy, If I knew of my new-found "celebrity" on Genea-Blogs before Mondays With Myrt, I could have thanked you live! Carol Corbett-Ellis made me aware.As a result of the mention, I've picked up a few more followers. I guess I should blog more often!!

Christine said...

Thank you so much for the mention of my Ancestry Island blog!! My mom Pat Hartley wrote the post, she deserves the credit.

Randy Seaver said...

Christine, I changed it - I missed the detail. sorry about that!

Randy Seaver said...

Dave, I keep telling everyone that blogging works pretty well in bringing cousins out of the woodwork. And the Internet.