Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Photos From the DearMYRTLE's Geneabloggers After Party at RootsTech 2017

Linda and I attended Dear MYRTLES Geneabloggers After-RootsTech Party at her home on Saturday night.  It was a fun time, with food and drink and laughs and hugs and memories, and was had by all (about 50).

Linda and Ken Robbins picked us up at the Radisson at 5:30 p.m. and were the tour guides for the evening.  Unlike past after-parties, this year it was a beautiful but cool night, with no rain or snow, and the snowy mountains to the east and west gleamed in the sunlight on the drive south.  We got there at 6 p.m along with just about everyone else.

The menu was from Olive Garden - Pasta Fagioli soup, salad, and breadsticks, along with many scrumptious desserts (I paced myself and only had three).  Pat's daughters were in charge of the meal.  They fixed Linda a special plate because of her allergies - thank you Carrie and Tam and Pat!!

Here are some photographs that I took during the evening.

1)  The group photo of the right side of the group (I'm on the far right next to Pauleen and Pat):

2)  The left-hand side of the group photo:

3)  Michael and Yvonne Demoskoff:

4)  Kirsty Gray and Sylvia Valentine from England:

5)  Genealogy Jen:

6)  Linda Seaver and Braden (Pat's grandson) talking:

7)  Alona Tester and Lisa Alzo:

8)  Banai Feldstein talking to Daniel Horowitz, with Linda and Braden in the foreground:

9)  Lilian Magill and Pat Richley-Erickson discussing quilts in the quilting room:

I have a few more, but this is already too large a post with 9 photos.  Maybe later.

We all left at 8:30 and got back to the hotel by 9 p.m.  Thank you to Ken Robbins for driving us to and from.


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