Wednesday, June 13, 2018

RootsMagic Updates to Version 7.5.7 - Fixes Two Significant Problems

When I opened RootsMagic 7 yesterday, there was a notice that there was a new version of the program.  I downloaded it and noted that the two main complaints of recent months were fixed.

The RootsMagic Users Facebook Group said:

"RootsMagic update - 12 June 2018 availableFIXED: MyHeritage WebHints display againFIXED: Merging in FamilySearch screen displays all info now (not just sources)FIXED: Converting RM4 files to RM7 worksMinor fixes 
"The next time you open RootsMagic the update indicator will appear. 
"If your receive a message that RootsMagic is still running when you try to install the update, open your Task Manager to close all incidents of RootsMagic. You might have to look under different tabs to find what is still open. The other option is to simply restart the computer and not open RM. Just download and install the update from here."

1)  The MyHeritage WebHints display again:

The MyHeritage WebHints did not show up for some period of time.

2)  The FamilySearch Merge feature now shows all of the people information in FamilySearch Family Tree - vital records, other information, family members and sources for the two profiles being merged in FamilySearch Family Tree:

Only the sources were showing for the last month or so.

This problem was difficult to work with - the user had to do merges from within FamilySearch Family Tree rather than using RootsMagic.

3)  RootsMagic responded immediately in recognizing the problems using Facebook, and then taking the steps required to fix the problems.  In these cases, it required working with MyHeritage and FamilySearch to coordinate the fixes to their APIs that enable these tasks.


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