Wednesday, June 20, 2018

RootsTech 2014 Photos, Part 3 - Post 521 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Linda and I attended RootsTech 2014 in Salt Lake City (February 4-7), and I took some photos of things and persons with my iPhone:

1)  A panoramic view from my RootsTech "office" - the Media Hub:

2)  A chart printing company did great business printing multi-color charts from the FamilySearch Family Tree:

3)  Crista Cowan at the exhibit:

4)  DearMYRTLE (Pat Richley-Erickson) at a keynote using her pink phone to call someone using her iPhone.  I have one of these, I wonder where it is?

5)  Judy G. Russell was one of the keynote speakers, and noted that oral family history is lost in three generations:

More RootsTech 2014 photos next week!


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