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New Records Available To Search this Findmypast Friday, 18 January 2019

I received this information from Findmypast today:


New Middlesbrough Catholic Records Available To Search this Findmypast Friday

There are more than 7 million new records and newspapers available to search this Findmypast Friday, including: 

England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms

Over 65,000 exclusive new records covering the Diocese of Middlesbrough have been added to our collection of England Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms. The new additions cover 36 parishes across the county, span the years 1742 to 1917 and are the latest newly digitised records to join the collection which now covers the Dioceses of Westminster, Birmingham and Middlesbrough.
With every result, you will find an image of the original transcript from the diocese archive and a transcript of the pertinent details about your ancestor. The amount of information you find in each record can vary depending on the age of the record, its legibility, and the amount of information recorded by the parish priest at the time of the event. Within most transcripts, you will find the child's baptism date, parish, and the names of both parents. Images may provide additional information about your ancestor such as the names of your ancestor's godparents, the minister who performed the baptism, and residence. Some registers will even include notes about the individual's marriage.

England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages

Over 19,000 exclusive new Diocese of Middlesbrough Sacramental Register entries have been added to our collection of England Roman Catholic Parish Marriages. The new additions cover marriages performed across 28 parishes between 1796 and 1944.
Every record will display the original sacramental register and a transcript of the vital details. The information in each record could vary depending on how much was recorded on the day of the event by the parish priest and the legibility of the records. Most entries will list a combination of the marriage date and location as well as the home parish, parent's names and father's occupation for both the bride and groom.

England Roman Catholic Parish Burials

Over 7,000 new and exclusive records held by the Diocese of Middlesbrough have been added to our collection of England Roman Catholic Parish Burials. The new additions cover burial sites in 22 parishes between 1774 and 1974.

England Roman Catholic Parish Congregational records

Over 47,000 records from the Diocese of Middlesbrough have also been added to our collection of English Catholic Parish Congregational Records. Covering 30 parishes and spanning the years 1743 to 1920, these records will enable you to learn more about your ancestor's relationship with their local parish.
Each record includes both a transcript and an image of the original document. The detail found in each transcript will vary depending on the nature of the document as the collection includes a combination of anniversary books, confirmation lists, congregational lists, lists of benefactors and converts, parish diaries, and more.

United States General Land Office Records 1796-2013

Did your ancestors buy Public Domain land? Search this vast collection of over six million records for land sale documents (patents) and discover the original title and exact parcel of land purchased by your ancestor from the U.S. Federal Government. Each entry includes a transcript and an image of the original document.
The patent records provide a legal description of the land, including the township, county, state, aliquot parts (referring to the size of the lots, evenly divided based on the distances along the edges), meridian (the line of longitude where the lot is located), range, section, and survey number. In addition, the patents include: an ancestor's military service and whether the land was received as a result of such service, the authority by which the land was sold, a specific code number to identify an individual patent (accession), if the patent was cancelled, and if the U.S. government retained any interest or rights in the purchased land (U.S. reservations) or mineral reservations.

National Burial Index for England & Wales

Over 717,000 new records have been added to the National Burial Index. The new additions cover 288 burial places in the historic counties of Co. Durham, Northumberland and Cumberland as well as 656 burials sites across Lincolnshire. Each transcript will list a combination of your ancestor's name, age, death year, burial place, burial date and place of worship.
The project of creating the National Burial Index began in 1994 and was first published in 2001 and contained 5.4 million records. The burial records, derived from parish registers, bishop's transcripts, earlier transcripts or printed registers by local family history society volunteers have continued to grow, so much so that a second edition was published in 2004. The Index currently contains over 11 million records and will continue to receive regular updates.

Middlesex Baptisms 1543-1876

Over 10,000 baptism records covering the parish of All Saints in Iselworth between 1566 and 1783 have been added to the collection.
Each record includes transcribed details from an original record including a combination of your ancestor's birth date or age, baptism date, parish, parent's names, father's occupation and residence.

British & Irish Newspaper Update

This week we have added 108,256 pages to the Archive. We have added two brand new titles – the Gorey Guardian, published in Wexford, and the Bray People, published in Wicklow. Both these titles cover the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. We have also added new pages to the New Ross Standard and to the Lichfield Mercury.

Disclosure:  I have a complimentary subscription to Findmypast, and have accepted meals and services from Findmypast, as a Findmypast Ambassador.  This has not affected my objectivity relative to Findmypast and its products.
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