Friday, March 1, 2019

Received my MyHeritage AutoCluster Analysis

MyHeritage announced yesterday that they have released Automatic clustering (from Genetic Affairs) for MyHeritageDNA matches.  See  Introducing AutoClusters for DNA Matches.

The blog post says:  "AutoClustering technology organizes a person’s list of DNA Matches into clusters of people who are likely to have the same common ancestor, because they are all mostly related to each other. Clusters are color-coded for convenience and are presented in a powerful visual chart, as well as in list format."

I immediately requested my AutoCluster report, and received the email with the results late last night.  This morning, I opened the file and reviewed the AutoCluster graphic and the .csv (spreadsheet) file for my matches.

For reference purposes, I have over 6,000 DNA Matches with 8 centiMorgans or more, and over 50 matches with 34 cM or more.  

The AutoCluster analysis I received was for 80 DNA matches with shared DNA between 10 and 350 cM.  Here is my Autocluster graphic (with the DNA Match names grayed out for privacy reasons - in two screen shots) which has 15 clusters with between 3 and 14 members:

This chart is sorted by Clusters.  The other options, in the dropdown menu at the top, are by Name, by # of Shared Matches, and by Shared cMs with the tester.

Below the graphic above, there is a list, by cluster, of the 80 DNA matches in the 15 clusters.  Information included is the name, the total cM, the largest segment cM, the number of segments, the number "in common with", the cluster number, and the size of the tree.  If I have included a Note for the DNA match, it is also provided.  Here is the top of my AutoClusters Information list:

At this time, I know the common ancestors of only about 5 of the 80 DNA Matches on the chart.  I need to review the spreadsheet and sort the information, and add known common ancestors, and other things to the spreadsheet in order to determine the ancestral line that each cluster represents..


Disclosure:  I have a complementary subscription to MyHeritage, and have received material considerations from MyHeritage over the past ten years.

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