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Amanuensis Monday -- 1716/7 Articles of Agreement For Joseph Glezen's Estate in Sudbury, Mass.

This week's document is the 1716/7 Articles of Agreement to settle the intestate estate of Joseph Glezen (1640-1715) of Sudbury, Massachusetts in Probate Packet 9,206 in Middlesex County, Massachusetts.  

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The transcription of these Articles of Agreement is:

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Artickles of Agreement Had Made Concluded & Done y^e Eighteenth Day of
January In the year ofo ur Lord God One thousand seven hundred & Sixteen/17
In the third year of the Reigne of our Sovereign Lord George by the grace of God of
Great Britain Franc & Ireland King Defender of the faith &c.  Between Isaac Glezen
of Sudbury in the County of Middlesex In  His Majesties Province of y^e Massachusetts
Bay in New England yeoman (the only Surviving Son of y^e Joseph Gleazen sen^r Late
of s^d Sudbury Yeoman Dec^d) On y^e One parte And Jacob Newell of
Attleborough in the County of Bristol & Province Afores^d yeoman & Joyce
his wife (Daughter of y^e said Joseph Glezen) And Samuel Willis
of Sudbury in the s^d County of Middlesex husbandman & Susanna his Wife
(Eldest Daughter of y^e s^d Joseph Glezen) and Noah Morse of Sherbourn
In s^d County of Middlesex husbandman & Abigail His Wife (y^e third daughter
of y^e s^d Joseph Glezen) And Samuel Biglo of Marlborough in s^d County

of Middlesex Husbandman And Mary his Wife y^e fourth & Youngest daug-
hter of y^e s^d Joseph Glezen) On y^e Other Party Wittnesseth That Whereas
our Honoured Father Joseph Glezen y^e Above Named Dyed Intestate Siezed
of A Small Estate of Housing & Lands in Sudbury in s^d County of Midd^sx
In his Own Right in fee Simple y^e Which Estate Cannot be Divided A-
mong all the Children, Without Great Prejudice to, or Spoyling of the
Whole & In Consideration that our Honoured Father y^e Above Named Left
but One Son Living at his Death to Witt y^e Above Named Isaac Glezen for
Whom He (as we suppose) Designed y^e Whole of s^d Lands, He having porti-
oned out His Eldest Son Joseph Glezen Dec^d in his Lifetime by Advancing
his Settleme^t (as is suposed) to y^e value of these ????? as Much as A single
portion will Amount unto, out of Our s^d Fathers Estate And also Considering
That Our Aged Mother Mrs. Abigail Glezen y^e Widow of our dec^d father Above
Named is very Aged, & also A Criple Not able to shift for her selfe & therefore
will be Likely if she Live Any Considerable Time to stand in Need of More y^e
Just thirds as y^e Law provides Also for & in Consideration of y^e full & Just sum
of sixty pounds of Good & Current Money or bills of Credit in said Province
to y^e above Named Sam^ll Willis & Susanah His Wife, Jacob Newel & Joyce
his wife, Noah Morse & Abigail His Wife, And Sam^ll Biglo & Mary his
Wife well & Truly Paid & Secured to be paid in Convenient Time by him
y^e Above Named Isaac Glezen his heires Executors or Administrators
also for as Much as our Aged Mother y^e Widow of y^e deceased Above Named
Having had y^e Offer to Live with which of Her Children Above Named
She Pleaseth After Deliberate Consideration has Determined to Abide with
her Son y^e Above named Isaac Glezen in y^e House where her dec^d Husband
Left Her And to y^e Intent That all y^e s^d Real Estate of Housing Lands & Medow
w^ch our Honoured father Joseph Gleason y^e Above Named Dyed Seized of in
Either ^the^ Devided or undivided Lands in s^d Sudbury May be so settled as that
our Hon^d Mother Above Named May be sutably provided for During her
Naturall Life y^e Land or living so kept to Gather as that y^e Whole may not be
prejudiced & Spoiled & That y^ s^d Isaac Glezen May Enjoy y^e Lands & all y^e
Rest of y^e four surviving Children or of y^ s^d Dec^d Above Named be Satisfied
therin & for Divers Other Good Causes & Considerations thereunto Moving
all of us y^e Above Named surviveing Children f y^e Above Named
Joseph Glezen, to witt Isaac Gleazen On y^e One parte & Sam^ll Willis & Susa-
nnah his wife, Jacob Newel & Joyce his Wife, Noah Morse & Abigail his
Wife & Sam^ll Biglo & Mary his wife On y^e Other Parte

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Do by these P'sents Each & Every of us for our selves, our heires, Execut^s
and Administrators Covenant Promise Grant & Agree Each of y^e Parties
to & with y^e Other for y^e Settlem^t of y^e said Estate In Manner & forme as

viz. That after y^e Debts & funerall Charges of y^e Dec^d Intestate within Named
& Charg of Administration id p^d & Discharged That our Honoured Mother
Mrs. Abigail Glezen y^e widow of our honoured Father within named Shall
Have a full third part of all y^e Remainder of y^e Estate Both Real & p'son^l
whereof our Hon^d Father within Named Dyed Seized of Not Only
for Terme of Life but to be At her Own Dispose to her & her heires
& Assignes for Ever, for her Comfortable Support & Assistance During her
Naturall Life &c.

2d.  That ^all^ y^e Rest of y^e Housing Lands Medows & Swamps Lying & being in y^e
Devided or Undevided Lands in said Sudbury with fences & priviledges to y^e
same belonging Shall Not be devided Among all of y^e Children of y^e s^d Dec^d
Intestate But that if said Isaac Glezen within Named for the Consideration
Within Mentioned &c Shall & May at all Times Hereafter for Ever Peaceab-
ly & Quietly Have, hold use, Occupye possess & Enjoy y^e Same & Every par^r
& Parcell thereof to y^e Only Absolute prop^r & peculiar Use benefitt & be-
hoof of him y^e said Isaac Glezen His heires & Assignes as A free p^rfect
& Absolute Estate of Inheritance in fee simple Without any Lawfull
Lott, Sute or Mollestation Contradiction or Deniall Challeng claime
or Demand of y^e Within Named Sam^ll Willis & Susanah his wife,
Jacob Newell & Joyce his Wife, Noah Morse & Abigail his wife, 
Sam^ll Biglo & Mary his Wife, them, or any or either of them, their or
Either of their Cause means Act Consent Title Interest Privity or Procurement
or of any other P^rson or P^rsons whatsoever Lawfully Claiming Either by
from or under them or Either of y^m.

3.  That if Above Named Isaac Glezen his heires Execut^rs or Adm^rs Shall &
will Take Sutable Care of & well provide for his Aged Mother y^e Widow with-
in Named Widow Sufficiency of Meat, Drink, Apparrel, Washing Lodging
& Tendenc According of her Necesity May be During her Natural Life
And Give her a Decent burial after her Decease. That is to say with these
provisos, That y^s Agreem^t tand & be perfected, & if y^e said Widow
Desirs it & will give y^e s^d Isaac Glezen his heires & Assignes y^e thirds as
herein & hereby given her, as his Recompense or Reward for his so doing.
In Wittness Whereof y^e Parties Above mentioned Have here unto set their hands
& Seals y^e Day & year first Above Written.

Signed Sealed & Delivered
In Prsents of us       }    Noah Morse       {seal}    Isaac Glezen  {seal}
Joseph + Lowell    }    Abigail + Morse {seal}   Samuel Willis  {seal
Fra Fullam            }   Samuel Biglo     (seal)     Susana Willis  {seal} 
                               }   Mary b Biglo     {seal}    Jacob Newel    {seal}

                               }                                              Joyce Newel  {seal}
The source citation for this probate record is:"Middlesex County, MA: Probate Papers, 1648-1871," digital image, American Ancestors ( : accessed 15 March 2020), Probate Packet 9,206 (15 pages), Joseph Glezen of Sudbury, 1715; Original records in Middlesex County, Massachusetts Probate Court Records, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

Joseph Gleason (1640-1715) was the son of Thomas and Susanna (Page) Gleason of Watertown and Cambridge, Massachusetts.  He married (1) Martha Ruseell (1647-1684) in 1667 in Cambridge, and they had eight children:

*  Joseph Gleason (1668-1669)
*  Joseph Gleason (1670-1711), married 1705 Hannah Moore (1674-1730).
*  Martha Gleason (1673-1685).
*  Susannah Gleason (1676-1756), married 1703 Samuel Willis (1673-1758)
*  Joyce Gleason (1678-1724), married 1700 Jacob Newell (1658-1718).
*  Abigail Gleason (1680-1718), married 1714 Noah Morse (1681-1718).
*  Mary Gleason (1682-1752), married 1716 Samuel Bigelow (1679-1734).
*  Isaac Gleason (1684-1758), married 1705 Martha Livermore (1684-1728).

Joseph Gleason married (2) 1686 Abigail Garfield (1646-????).  They had no known children. 

For consistency purposes, I have used Gleason as the family surname, although this document uses several spellings, most consistently Glezen.

This articles of agreement describe the five living children who agree to support their step-mother, who certainly raised the youngest children after their mother died, and to provide all of the estate to the surviving son, Isaac Gleason, who was age 31 at the time of his father's death.

There are several other documents in this probate packet, including an account, an inventory, and several letters to the probate court accepting the articles of agreement.

Joseph and Martha (Russell) Gleason are my 8th great-grandparents, through their daughter Susannah Gleason (1676-1756) who married Samuel Willis.


NOTE:  Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent  TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday."  John offers this definition for "amanuensis:" 

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."
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