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Tuesday's Tip: Research in the New York, New York Index to Birth Certificates, 1866-1909

The record collection for New York, New York Index to Birth Certificates, 1866-1909 is one of my favorite record collections.  It is online at Ancestry.com with 6,091,199 name indexed entries.  Note that this is an Index collection, and not a collection of birth certificate digital images.

The original source for this online collection is the New York City Department of Records & Information Services. New York City Birth Certificates.

On Ancestry.com, the user will find this collection search page in the Card Catalog:
The description of the information in this record collection is (from the Ancestry.com collection page):
This collection consists of robust indexes to births in the five Boroughs of New York City reported to the Health Department prior to 1910.
Birth records are available for the following boroughs:
  • Bronx, 1898 - 1909
  • Brooklyn, 1866 - 1909
  • Manhattan, 1866 -1904
  • Queens, 1898 - 1909
  • Richmond, 1898 - 1909
In addition to the name of the individual who was born, in these records you may be able to find:
  • The Birth Date, Address, Ward and Borough of the individual who was born
  • The Name, Age, Race, Birthplace, Occupation, and Current Address of the Mother and Father
  • The Number of Other Children Born and Living to the Mother
Obtaining Copies of the Records
Visit the Department of Records/Municipal Archives website,   www.nyc.gov/records  (click on family history research) for information and instructions on how to view and/or obtain copies of birth records identified in the index, and to view the complete list of birth records.
I searched for Seaver as a last name, checked the Exact box, and saw 23 results:

I clicked on the second match, and saw the information extracted for the death of Mary Jane Seaver (two screens):

As you can see, this record provides the person's full name, gender, race, birth date, birth place, residence address, certificate number, father's name, mother's name, and mother's maiden name.  

The "prizes" on these records are the full name, the birth date, the birth place, father's name, mother's name, and mother's maiden name.

For my key surnames, this collection has these numbers of exact records:

*  Seaver:      23
*  Seavers:     10
*  Seever:        1
*  Seevers:       6
*  Sever:          6
*  Severs:        7
*  Sevier:        1

*  Carringer:   0

*  Auble:        2

*  Vaux:          5

The Ancestry "database number" for this collection is 61779.  I have only 3 profiles in my Ancestry Family Tree with a pending Hint in this collection (and eventually probably more).   I know that I have collected most of the Seaver entries already.


NOTE:  Tuesday's Tips is a genealogy blog meme intended to provide information about a resource helpful to genealogists and family historians, especially in the U.S. online genea-world.

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