Saturday, March 21, 2020

Today is Our 50th Wedding Anniversary

This day, 21 March 2020 is the 18,264th day of my marriage with the wonderful, loving, talented and angellic Linda Joan (Leland) Seaver.  We have been so lucky to have lived long enough to celebrate 50 years of marriage.  We are blessed by good health, decent jobs and income, smart investments, a one-floor home, two loving daughters and five beautiful and smart grandchildren.

Here is our wedding picture from 21 March 1970:

The plan for today before the maleficient Covid19 debacle was to take Linda off to a nice place for a weekend or on a cruise for a week, and then celebrate with a big anniversary party on 28 March.  Because of the virus and ensuing shelter-in-place orders this week, we are staying home on our 50th anniversary.  We can't even go out to dinner to a favorite restaurant!

We will celebrate in our family room with a filet mignon steak dinner with baked potatoes and asparagus with lemon meringue pie for dessert, courtesy of our daughter, Tami, who is making a special trip to cook and serve dinner, but is going to stay away from us due to the virus concern.

Both of our daughters have called today to express their love and appreciation for us.  Lori was here three weeks ago and stayed with Linda while I went to RootsTech 2020.  She left an anniversary gift for us.

The anniversary party?  It is postponed.  We used this photograph for our invitations.  Tami and Lori worked really hard on planning a great party.  We were looking forward to celebrating with 100 of our closest friends at our church, but the virus has wiped it out.  We may do it in the summer or perhaps even next year - a 51st anniversary party.  Life will go on!  We will certainly remember this anniversary!

Linda and I thank all of our friends and colleagues for their thoughts and prayers the past two years as we have aged and encountered health and mobility problems.


Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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Geoff Mulholland said...

Happy 50th Anniversary Randy and Linda !
Hopefully you will be able to celebrate with all your family and friends sometime in the not too distant future or on your 51st.
Take care and Stay safe !

Seeds to Tree said...

Only 6 percent of marriages can celebrate 50 years together. On top of that you and Linda seem to have been HAPPILY married for those 50. Congratulations are well deserved.

Linda Stufflebean said...

Randy, Congratulations to you and Linda on your golden wedding anniversary. It sounds like a wonderful anniversary party for just the two of you with a scrumptious dinner tonight.

J. Paul Hawthorne said...

Happy 50th. Wedding Anniversary and many more!

Discover Genealogy said...

Congratulations Randy and Linda! Ours comes up in a couple of months. I, too, feel lucky to have also found my Linda.

Nancy Hill said...

What a wonderful celebration for just you two. It's the thought that counts. You are right not many get to celebrate this wonderful marriage with hope and love for another 10 years together.

MCC said...

Happy Anniversary Randy and Linda Seaver stay safe and healthy 💐✍📚👩‍💻

Lisa S. Gorrell said...

Happy 50th Anniversary to you and Linda. Hope you can make this special.

Karen Polk said...

"CONGRATULATIONS" on your 50 years of wedded bliss! It's such a wonderful feeling of euphoria and bountiful blessings to have a mate you still care about. I had 57 fantastic "up-and-down tears...wouldn't trade my time & memories.
Enjoy that filet...dinner sounds scrumptious! Your genea friend, Karen

Fax said...

Enjoy your special day at home. I'm sorry your party was interrupted, but perhaps the interruption saved your lives. May you enjoy many more!

jennyalogy said...

Happy anniversary to the two of you. Hopefully things will calm down and you can celebrate later.

Jacqi Stevens said...

That's exactly the meal we celebrated with on my homebound birthday a while back. Delicious, but...yeah, celebrate big style as soon as we all get through this. Congratulations on 50 impressive years, Randy and Linda!!!