Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Dear Randy: How do I Create a List of Persons Who died in 1918 in RootsMagic?

A Genea-Musings reader asked this question in email:  "How do I create a list of persons who died in 1918?"

How to answer this type of question usually perplexes me, but I recalled that I did something similar for burial places and also for people alive in 1940 who might be in the U.S. Census.  Here are links to earlier posts:

*  Creating a List of Burials in a Specific Cemetery Using RootsMagic (2018)
*  Making a List of Persons Alive in the 1940 US Census (2012)

*  RootsMagic blog post: Tip: Planning Cemetery Trips with RootsMagic (2014).
*  The RootsMagic Help section for "Individual List" is helpful too.

Here is how I worked in RootsMagic to find all of the people in my database who died in 1918:

1)  I clicked on the "Reports" menu and then "Print A Report" and that opened the list of all reports and charts.  I scrolled down to "Individual List:":

2)  After clicking on "Individual List," I had to select which persons in my database I wanted to use.  I don't want "Everyone," I want to select from a list so I picked "Select from list:"

3)  That opened the "Select People" screen, and I want to "Select people by data fields:"

4)  In the "Search for information" screen, I want to search Death dates and make the date equal to 1918.  I clicked on the top "<Select fields>" dropdown menu and selected "Death" as the field and selected "date" as the field content, and then kept "equals" in the operator field and typed "1918" in the date content field.  Here's the screen after I've entered the data:

I don't need any other data entry.  I clicked on "OK" and the screen showed that it found 185 people who met the criteria:

5)  I clicked on "OK" again and I was back to the "Individual list" screen:

6)  From the screen above, I clicked the "Generate Report" button at at the bottom of the screen, and saw:

This is a 36 page report of the 185 persons in my RootsMagic database who died in 1918.  It provides name, birth date/place, death date/place and marriage date/place.  If the Death Description field contains a cause of death, the report provides that on the Death line.

7)  RootsMagic can also create a similar report using the "Custom Report."  The custom report can be tailored to the fields you want to have in the report, but it works in a similar process to identify the people to put in the report.  The "Individual List" is easier to use for this task.

8)  Since RootsMagic Version 8 is about to be released, this process, or at least the screen content and navigation, will change.

9)  Other genealogy software (e.g., Family Tree Maker, Legacy Family Tree, Heredis, Family Historian, Ancestral Quest, and many others) can perform this task.  Perhaps readers who prefer one of those programs can answer the same question my reader had and write a blog post about it.


Disclosure:  I have used RootsMagic genealogy software since 2006, and have always paid for my license.

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