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Who Were the Parents of John Richman (1788-1867) of Hilperton, Wiltshire? - Part 2

I wrote Part I of this series two weeks ago, and have made some progress in sorting out all of the Richman data available in the area around Hilperton, Wiltshire in the 1700 to 1900 time frame.  

1)  In Part I, I noted that there were a number of families in the Hilperton area that were having children in the 1775 to 1800 time frame that might include my John Richman (1788-1867).  

I made one mistake in Part I - Family #1 John and Mary (Parsons) Richman had a son named John baptized on 24 July 1803, whom I left out of the list of children.  However, Mary would be about age 53 in 1803.  This John Richman baptized in 1803 may be my John Richman born about 1788 and baptized as a teenager 15 years later.

NOTE 25 March]  I looked for this record, and the record on 24 September 1803 in the Hilperton parish register says "John PICKTOR, son of John and Mary" and not John RICHMAN.

2)  I looked back at my earlier DNA posts about the Richman family, and noted A Helpful Richman Autosomal DNA Match from 2016.  I have an AncestryDNA match with CB whose ancestry includes John and Mary (Parsons) Richman.  I don't have an AncestryDNA ThruLine for this match, but CB and I have a Richman common ancestor back in time.  I added her line to my RootsMagic tree today, and might see a ThruLine in the near future.

3)  Can DNA matches help me find the parents of my John Richman?  Perhaps!  It Depends (I hear everyone saying this)?  

I formulated a plan to "test" which of my target Richman families, if any, have descendants who are DNA Matches with me on AncestryDNA.  

4)  For my first "test" I added John Richman (1744-1808) and Mary Parsons (1750-1817) to my Ancestry Member Tree as the parents of my John Richman (1788-1867).  I received four AncestryDNA ThruLines from this "test," as shown below:

*  The first match on the far left is CM, through the son Thomas Richman (1775-1851) and his son Alfred Richman (1815-1883).  I share 10 cM in 1 segment with CM.

*  The second match is TG, through the son Joseph Richman (1779-1865) and his daughter Charlotte Richman (1803-1885).  I share 7 cM in 1 segment with TG.

*  The third match is JC, through the son Joseph Richman (1779-1865), and his son Thomas Rich (1816-1886).   I share 7 cM in 1 segment with JC.

*  The fourth match is TK, through the son Joseph Richman (1779-1865) and his son Charles Rich (1818-1905).  I share 11 cM in 1 segment with TK.

The match on the far right of the chart above is me, through my 3rd great-grandfather John Richman (1788-1867).  I have 23 matches in AncestryDNA who are descendants of John Richman (1788-1867) and his wife, Ann Marshman.

So I have 4 possible DNA matches to date, if John and Mary (Parsons) Richman are the parents of my John Richman (1788-1867).  The matching segments range from 7 cM to 11 cM.  It would be interesting to know if these four matches of mine also match some of the 23 known descendants of John Richman (1788-1867).  I will ask my cousin Laura to check her DNA matches.

Since I added CB to my RootsMagic tree today, and will update my Ancestry Member Tree soon to include CB, there may be a 5th DNA match - and I match CB with a 14 cM segment.

As you can see, these are essentially 5th cousins once or twice removed to me, and there should be relatively small segments at this relationship.  Are the segments too small to be reliable?  Perhaps.

5)  How many autosomal DNA matches would be "proof" of a relationship from a common ancestor?  I don't know.  These matches are "evidence" of a relationship with the DNA matches, but that relationship might be through some other, unknown, common ancestor(s).  At best, these DNA matches are clues or leads to potential parents of John Richman (1788-1867).

6)  Would a common autosomal DNA segment between all five of the "Family 1" DNA matches above with myself and my cousin Laura be better "proof?"  I think that's a stretch for all six of us to share one common segment, but it's not impossible.  Well, it is impossible right now, because AncestryDNA doesn't provide a definition of shared autosomal DNA segments.  All of the other major DNA providers do provide segment data.

7)  What can I do next?  Well, I've already disconnected John Richman (1744-1808) and Mary Parsons (1750-1817) as parents of John Richman (1788-1867) on my Ancestry Member Tree.  I added potential Richman family #2, Joseph Richman (1749-1829) and Hannah Mission (1749-1832).  I will post the results of this "test" in the next post in this series.  Then I will do the same for the third and the fourth target families from the Part 1 post.

8)  Have you tried doing this "test" with the potential ancestors who may be parents of your current "end-of-line" ancestors?  If so, how did it work out?


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