Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Finding Images in Ancestry Photo Hints

I use Ancestry Record Hints daily, and occasionally use Stories Hints and Photo Hints just to  see what other researchers have submitted for profiles in my own Ancestry Member Tree.

A searcher can see Photo Hints by clicking the Photo item on the Ancestry Hints page of your tree, listed by most recent.  However, there is a dropdown menu for "Sort by":

The "Sort by: filter lets you sort by "Most Recent." "by "Last Name" or by "First Name."

I entered "Carringer" in the Last Name box and was rewarded by a number of never-seen-before" items, like this marriage license and certificate for a Carringer cousin:

There was also an obituary for another Carringer cousin:

And a map showing the forts that my 4th great-grandfather Martin Carringer served at in the Revolutionary War:

Photos of people as children, adults, in family groups, and gravestones are also numerous - this is Oliver Cromwell (not my ancestor) on an Irish Seaver profile.

From any of these images, I can click on the person's name in the tree that it is attached to in order to see more information about the person attached to the photo.  Profiles in other searchers Ancestry Member Trees can be very helpful to add content to the profile of the same person in my Ancestry Member Tree.  If the image is in the public domain, then I will download it to my computer and use it in my Facts and Gallery for the profiled person.


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Donald said...

Talk about coincidence. I was just reading today about Oliver Cromwell's genocide of the Irish during the 3 kingdoms war.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the tips :) I have used photo hints to find similar things, just not in such an organized way...I like the process you've outlined.