Monday, December 21, 2020

A Free eBook on Genealogy Software from Ed Thompson of Evidentia Answers

 I received this information today from Ed Thompson of Evidentia software:


Good software can make all the difference.


But how do you know which genealogy apps are good?

In late 2020 I started Evidentia Answers, a live stream on YouTube that doesn't just answers, but demonstrates how to approach your research using Evidentia. You were there to support me.

As my way of saying thanks, I want to offer you our free eBook, "How to Find the Best Genealogy Software"

I couldn't have done it without you, and I look forward to more live streaming in 2021!
Download Your Free eBook
Feel free to share this email with your friends in genealogy who may be looking for new genealogy software tools.

The Free eBook is available at

Ed has many videos on his Genealogy Software Showcase YouTube channel- check them out. Here's a list:

Legacy9 Free - Performing Basic Tasks

Family Tree Maker 2019 - Performing Basic Tasks

What do the Best Genealogy Software Programs Do? (Genealogy Software Showcase Ep1)

How Well do Desktop Tree building Tools Handle GEDCOM Imports? (Genealogy Software Showcase Ep2)

Importing a GEDCOM File into Legacy Family Tree 9

Importing a Genealogy GEDCOM File into Family Historian 6

Importing a GEDCOM File into Ancestral Quest 16

Discover Holes in Your Genealogy Data with GenSmarts

Timelines for Genealogists using Genelines - (Genealogy Software Showcase Ep4)

iPad Special - What Genealogy Apps are Available for the iPad? - (Genealogy Software Showcase Ep5)

What Kind of Genealogy Charts Can I Create? - (Genealogy Software Showcase Ep6)

Ed also has a Facebook group called Genealogy Software Showcase The good news is that you join this Private group and see the videos there and share information wit h other members of the group.


Disclosure:  I have received complimentary versions of Evidentia from Ed Thompson in the past, and have used the software.

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