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My 4th Great-Grandparent AncestryDNA ThruLines Matches

 I wrote Dear Randy - How Many DNA Matches From Your 3rd Great-Grandparents Do You Have by ThruLines in AncestryDNA? last week and threatened to do the same for my 4th great-grandparents.

To summarize to date, I have:

*  0 AncestryDNA ThruLines from my parents, Frederick Walton Seaver and Betty Virginia Carringer.

*  2 AncestryDNA ThruLines from my 2 sets of grandparents, Frederick Walton Seaver and Alma Bessie Richmond.

*  12 AncestryDNA ThruLines from my 4 sets of great-grandparents, all from Thomas Richmond and Julia E. White.

*  16 AncestryDNA ThruLines from my 8 sets of 2nd great-grandparents, including:

** 6 from James Richman and Hannah Rich
** 1 from Henry White and Amy Oatley
** 1 from David Auble and Sarah Knapp
** 8 from James Kemp and Mary Jane Sovereen

*  119 from my 16 sets of 3rd great-grandparents (listed in the Dear Randy post).

*  The 32 sets of 4th great-grandparents have the following number of AncestryDNA ThruLine matches for the listed common ancestors:

** Benjamin Seaver/Martha Whitney - 4 matches
** Nathan Gates/Abigail Knowlton - 7 matches
** Aaron Smith/Mercy Plimpton - 5 matches
** Thomas Dill/Hannah Horton - 1 match
** Zachariah Hildreth/Elizabeth Keyes - 9 matches
** Josiah Sawtell/Hannah Smith - 0 matches
** Phineas Brigham/Lydia Batherick - 0 matches
** Isaac Buck/Martha Phillips - 4 matches

** {John Richman/Mary Parsons} - 5 matches
** {John Marshman/Ann Angel} - 2 matches
** [William Rich/Betty Noad] - 0 matches
** John Hill/Mary Warren - 0 matches
** Humphrey White/Sybil Kirby - 1 match
** Simon Wade/Phebe Horton - 2 matches
** Joseph Oatley/Mary Hazard - 1 match
** Joseph Champlin/Nancy Kenyon - 13 matches

** Martin Carringer/Maria Magdalena Hoax - 23 matches
** Cornelius Feather/ --?-- --?-- - 4 matches
** Rudolf Spangler/Maria Dorothea Dinkel - 8 matches
** Philip Jacob Konig/Catherine Ruth - 4 matches
** Isaac Lanfear/Rosina Laun - 4 matches
** James Vaux/Mary Palmer - 13 matches
** Amos Underhill/Mary Metcalf - 4 matches

** Johannes Able/Sophia Trimmer - 2 matches
** Philip Row/Mary Smith - 2 matches
** [Shubael Knapp/Rebecca Mead] - 0 matches
** Stephen Cutter/Tabitha Randolph - 10 matches
** John Kemp/Mary Dafoe - 14 matches
** Frederick Sovereen/Mary Jane Hutchinson - 2 matches
** John Putman/Sarah Martin - 3 matches

NOTE 1:  The numbers for each 4th great-grandparent couple do not include the matches from the other great-grandparent groups.

NOTE 2:  The "potential common ancestors" that AncestryDNA offers are in [square brackets], and are not in my RootsMagic or online family trees.  The "deduced common ancestors" that AncestryDNA shows are in {curly brackets}.  I note that there are no DNA matches for the "potential common ancestors."  "Deduced common ancestors" means that I have included those ancestors in my RootsMagic and online family trees based on DNA match results.

The number of ThruLines on my father's (Seaver/Richmond) side is 44.  The number of ThruLines on my mother's (Carringer/Auble) side is 93.

So the total for my AncestryDNA ThruLines for my 4th great-grandparents as common ancestors is 137.  So that is 270 ThruLine matches from my parents down to my 4th great-grandparents.

Now for the 5th great-grandparents in another post.


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