Thursday, September 30, 2021

RootsMagic Version 8 Released - First Look!

 The RootsMagic Blog posted "It's Here! Presenting RootsMagic 8" today.  

The post says, in part:

"We are thrilled to announce the official release of RootsMagic 8, the latest version of the award-winning genealogy software which makes researching, organizing, and sharing your family history easy and enjoyable. With the release comes an update to the free “RootsMagic Essentials” product, as well as a limited-time discount offer for both new and existing users.

"RootsMagic 8 is the biggest release in our 30-year history. We’ve rewritten RootsMagic to support the latest genealogical technologies available today while building a foundation for future functionality that would have been impossible with our older code.

"RootsMagic 8 boasts an impressive list of new features including an all-new interface that supports easily switching between different types of information without losing your place, the ability to edit multiple persons at the same time, native Windows and Mac support, reusable citations, a completely rewritten report engine, and the ability to save reports directly to Word (.docx) or Excel (.xlsx) files.

"Other exciting new features include fan charts, streamlined search capabilities, an enhanced person editing experience, and a powerful new task management system."

The RootsMagic website has  information page links across the top for:

1)  What's New in Version 8:

2)  Plant Your Family Tree:

3)  Getting Around:
4)  Grow Your Family Tree:
5)  Publish and Share:

The RootsMagic user community has participated in development of RootsMagic 8 using a Facebook group to test the program, to identify problems, ask for new features, and learn to use it.

This version of RootsMagic will perform somewhat differently than previous versions - and there will be a learning curve for current RootsMagic users.

I will download it today and use the key to unlock the paid version of the program that I purchased as an upgrade at RootsTech back in 2018.  I look forward to working with it and investigating the new navigation system and the different data entry and source citation work flows.  


Disclosure:  I have been a paying customer of RootsMagic genealogy software since about 2006, and purchased RootsMagic 8 as an upgrade package back in 2018.

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Marian B. Wood said...

I learned so much about RM7 by reading about your experiences and now I'll follow along as you use the upgraded RM8 software.