Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Down the Rabbit Hole Again - Kari Larsdtr Leland's 1901 Death and Burial Record

 I was poking around in my RootsMagic tree and randomly noticed that I didn't have a death date for Linda's relative by marriage, Kari Larsdtr (1820-????) who married Ivar Torgersen Liland (1812-1893) in 1839 in Voss, Norway, and had children in Voss and also in Deerfield, Dane County, Wisconsin after they migrated.  

A search in the FamilySearch Family Tree indicated that Kari died in 1901 in the United States.  So I searched on Ancestry and this record popped up:

The death and burial record for Kari Leland is in the Hope Lutheran Church listings near the bottom of the left-hand page above::

She died on 1 June 1901, and was buried on 3 June 1901 at age 81.  

The source citation is:

"U.S., Evangelical Lutheran Church of America Records, 1875-1940," indexed database and digital image, Ancestry.com (http://www.ancestry.com), Congregational Records > Minnesota > Minnesota District > Hope Lutheran Church, page 215 (image 65 of 93), Kari Leland death and burial entry, 1901.

The record page did not indicate the location of Hope Lutheran Church.  I went to the first image in this collection and it said the church was in Minneota, Minnesota.

Kari Larsdtr was the daughter of Lars and Anna (Styrksdtr) Brynjulvsen of Liland farm in Voss and was baptized 22 October 1820 in the Voss church. Ivar Torgersen was baptized 11 January 1812, the son of Torgeir and Anna (Sjurdtr) Olsen of Tungeteigen farm in Voss.  All those names are patronymics - the last name is derived from the father's first name plus -sen for males or -dtr for females.

When the Norwegians in Wisconsin chose a lasting surname in the 1870's, Ivar and Kari (Larsdtr) Torgersen chose "Liland" as the family surname rather than Torgersen or another name.  Ivar Torgersen's brother was Sjur Torgersen (1804-1889) who married Brithe Olsdtr (1818-1895) and moved to Wisconsin.  They are Linda's 2nd great-grandparents.  "Liland" was spelled "Leland" soon after and that's how my Linda became a Leland!  


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I always appreciate your "how to" posts. Thanks for sharing your methodology and interpretation of what you find.