Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Book Notice: Rhode Island State Census For Genealogists, by Diane MacLean Boumenot

 My friend Diane MacLean Boumenot has published a book titled Rhode Island State Census For Genealogists recently.  

Here is the publicity for her book from Facebook:

"I am proud to say I have published a new book, Rhode Island State Census for Genealogists. It might be very helpful to you if you need:
  • A new recreation of all 1865-1935 state census headers
  • Tips and insights from the census publications and enumerator’s instructions including “household” rules, abbreviations, instructions for coverage when the residents can’t be reached, and any copying process used
  • Town formation guide and map
  • Where to find each year’s pages online; websites, search tips, missing districts, and sort order
  • Information about the colonial census collections that identify Rhode Islanders in the Revolutionary War era including where to find the best versions
  • Insights into the wide range of questions; some of them quite unusual
  • A sample citation for each of the years 1865-1935
"The 63-page printed book sells for $14.99. It's available on Amazon in paperback format."

"The colony and state of Rhode Island enumerated residents many times in its history. Surviving census collections from the colonial era and a set of seven detailed statewide collections from 1865 to 1935 offer unusual details, not found in other census data.

"Do you need:

  • all men 16 and over in 1777?
  • exact dates of birth?
  • religion?
  • birthplace of mother and father?
  • a street address?
  • Civil War service?
  • name of school attended, and grade?
  • sample citations for each year?

"You have come to the right place! Explore the Rhode Island State Census collection today, and learn how to find the resources online."


Disclosure:  I have received no remuneration or consideration for publishing this information by permission of the author.  

Copyright (c) 2021, Randall J. Seaver

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