Thursday, January 13, 2022

Treasure Chest Thursday -- 1790 U.S. Census Record for Phinehas Brigham Family in Westborough, Massachusetts

  It's Treasure Chest Thursday - a chance to look in my digital image files to see what treasures I can find for my family history and genealogy musings.

The treasure today is the 1790 United States Census record for Phinehas Brigham in the Westborough, Massachusetts town entries:

The entry for Phinehas Brigham is in the middle column, third from the top:

The summary of this record is:

*  Phinehas Brigham household
*  1 free white male over age 16 years [Phinehas]
*  4 free white males under age 16 [sons Eli, Phinehas, Willard and Nahum]
*  2 free white females [wife Lydia + daughter Lydia]
*  0 other free persons
*  0 slaves

I also see Mehitabel Brigham four lines below - she is the mother of Phinehas and widow of Moses Brigham, with three females in her household.

The source citation for this record is:

1790 United States Federal Census, Worcester County, Massachusetts, Westborough town, page 655 (penned), Phinehas Brigham household; indexed database with record images, (, citing National Archives Microfilm Publication M637.

This is an Original Source record, Secondary Information, and Direct Evidence of the name of Phinehas Brigham and the number of members of his household.

Phinehas Brigham (1755-1802) was the third child and first son of Moses Brigham (1723-1769) and Mehitable Grout (1726-1795).  He married Lydia Batherick (1752-1795) on 2 May 1749 in Westborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  They had seven children.

Phinehas and Lydia (Batherick) Brigham are my 4th great-grandparents through their son, Lambert Brigham (1794-1834) who married Sophia Buck (1797-1882) in 1817 in Sterling, Massachusetts.


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