Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Rabbit Holes With Randy -- RootsTech 2022!

 This week's Rabbit Hole was the all-consuming RootsTech Connect 2022 Conference online at FamilySearch from March 3 to 5.  Lots of presentations, bright lights, new features - what's not to like?  I was busy all three days (and Wednesday night too) watching class videos, trying out new things (like LiveStory and Ancestry Stories) and writing blog posts.  My daily blog posts were:

*  Randy at RootsTech 2022 - Day 1 Virtual Activities

*  Randy at RootsTech - Friday, Day 2 Virtual Activities

*  Randy at RootsTech - Saturday, Day 3 Virtual Activities

Unlike previous years, my real life has changed.  Each day I made time to go visit Linda in her memory care facility and play Uno with her, which takes about two hours every day.  I take her some bits of peanut brittle too.  

I did keep my eyes on the Relatives at RootsTech, and now have about 94,300 of them.  I only can see the top 300.  

I can see which ancestors have how many of my Relatives at RootsTech by Clicking the "By Ancestor" link:

I don't have many close Relatives at RootsTech - one first cousin once removed, one second cousin once removed, a 3rd cousin once removed, and five 4th cousins once or twice removed.  The ancestors with the most of my Relatives at RootsTech were 191 for 5th great-grand-parents Johann Daniel Dinkel and Maria Ursula Von Ernest.

Needless to say, I had to look at the relationships for the top 20 or so Relatives at RootsTech.  I had six of them in my RootsMagic database because they were relatively close family or DNA matches.  I only saw one genea-blogger's name I recognized - I didn't know she was a 4th cousin once removed with common ancestors of 3rd great-grandparents John Rich and Rebecca Hill [assuming FamilySearch Family Tree is correct!].  Laura - are you reading this?

This bunny was able to climb out of this Rabbit Hole and get on with the "usual" genealogy work on Sunday.  


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Laura Mattingly said...

I’m reading, Randy, and unless we have another mutual cousin on this line named Laura, I’m who you are calling out. I’ve noticed before your posts on this line, thought I had commented but I don’t know when. My line comes down thru Anna Rich & James Gaisford. Nice to “connect” with you!