Thursday, March 3, 2022

Randy at RootsTech 2022 - Day 1 Virtual Activities

Between blogging, emailing, trying out new website features, and watching RootsTech sessions, this has been a very busy day!  I did manage to visit Linda for an hour, have lunch, doze in the recliner, and check Facebook for Relatives at RootsTech, but this is post #8 today!  

1)  Sessions Observed (and available handouts saved):

Top Tips for Identifying DNA Matches by Michelle Leonard.

*  3. What to Do with Your DNA Test Results in 2022 by Diahan Southard

 FamilySearch GEDCOM 7 Launched and Rolling Strong by Gordon Clarke

What's New at GEDmatch by Tim Janzen.

*  What's New on by Ron Tanner

*  What's Coming on by Ron Tanner

*  The Pros of Collaboration on Geni by Randy Schoenberg

Ancestry for All Keynote Presentation

MyHeritage Keynote Presentation

2)  News From Companies:

*  Over 1 million kick off first day of RootsTech 2022 by FamilySearch

Ancestry® Integrates Photomyne’s Best-in-Class Technology to Help Mobile Customers Upload, Scan, Enhance and Share Family Photos

*  Introducing [MyHeritage] LiveStory: Give Voice to Your Family Stories 

First look at the MyHeritage U.S. Census Content Hub

*  Vivid-Pix Launches MEMORY STATION at RootsTech 2022 - One-Click Scanning/Software Restores & Saves Lifetime of Cherished Print Photos & Documents

3)  My Blog Posts

*  First look at the MyHeritage U.S. Census Content Hub

* Announces Partnership With Photomyne for Photo Enhancing

*  First Look At Ancestry and Photomyne Photo Enhancements

*  MyHeritage Releases LiveStory, A Groundbreaking Feature That Automatically Creates Video Biographies, Using D-ID Pioneered AI Technology

*  First Look at the MyHeritage LiveStory Feature

*  Genea-Musings Contest For a FREE All Access One Year Subscription - Expires 5 March, 8 p.m. PST

4)  Otherness

*  For those readers that wondered about it, I won't be doing a Genealogy blog Compendium for RootsTech 2022.  I will add a section to the daily wrapup post for notable genealogy blogs about RootsTech.  Why?  Many blogs have been abandoned in favor of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc., plus I have other tasks to do.


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Linda Stufflebean said...

I don't know how you got 8 posts done today, plus everything else in your list. I'm happy to have gotten 3 posts done!