Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Granddaughter Lauren at 2 Months With Neighbors Kurt and Ruth Sax -- Post 719 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  I can't help it, I can't do a wordless post! This is one of my favorite photographs: 

Our second grandchild was Lauren, daughter of daughter Tami, born in February 2005.  This is Lauren at about two months old.  She is being held by Ruth and Kurt Sax, our longtime neighbors on our cul-de-sac in Chula Vista.  Both Ruth and Kurt were Holocaust survivors in Czechoslovakia and Austria, respectively.  They watched our two daughters grow up, loved seeing our grandchildren, celebrated birthdays and holidays with us, and we had many nice dinners out with them over the years.  Kurt died in 2012, and Ruthie died in 2018.    They were beautiful people.

This is all part of my family history!  And Lauren's too!


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