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Happy Mother's Day - My Matrilineal Line Carrying Mitochondrial DNA

For Mother's Day, I thought I would post something about my mother's ancestry, and about my mitochondrial DNA which I received from her. 

My mitochondrial DNA haplogroup is K1b2b (per 23andMe), which I received from my mother, and she received it from her mother, and she from her mother, and so on down the line for time immemorial (with mutations every so often, probably).

Here is a favorite photograph of my mother, with her mother, and her mother's mother (enhanced and colorized on MyHeritage), taken in 1920:

This is the only three generation photograph I have of my mother's matrilineal line.

My (and my brothers') matrilineal line is:

a) Randall J. Seaver
b) Mother Betty Virginia Carringer (1919 San Diego CA - 2002 San Diego CA) married Frederick W. Seaver.  They had 3 sons, no daughters, so we are at the end of our mitochondrial twig.  

c) Grandmother Emily Kemp Auble (1899 Chicago IL -1977 San Diego CA) married Lyle L. Carringer.  They had only one child (my mother).  

d) Great-grandmother Georgianna Kemp (1868 Norfolk County, ON - 1952 San Diego CA) married Charles Auble.  They had only one child, my grandmother.

e) 2nd great-grandmother Mary Jane Sovereen (1840 Norfolk Co ON - 1874 Norfolk Co ON) married James Abram Kemp.  They had 3 daughters and one son who had children.  There are definitely K1b2b carriers from the other daughters.

f) 3rd great-grandmother Eliza Putman (1820 Steuben Co NY - 1895 Norfolk Co ON) married Alexander Sovereen.  They had 14 children, but only 5 daughters and two sons married and had children.  There may be K1b2b carriers from the other daughters.

g) 4th great-grandmother Sarah Martin (1792 Middlesex Co NJ - 1860 Norfolk Co ON) married John Putman.  They had 3 daughters and two sons, so there may be K1b2b carriers from the other daughters.

h) 5th great-grandmother Betsey Rolfe (1766 
Middlesex Co NJ - ????) married Mulford Martin.  They had 2 daughters and two sons that had children, so there may be K1b2b carriers.

i) 6th great-grandmother Sarah Campbell (1746 NJ? -1838 Tompkins Co NY) married Ephraim Rolfe.  They had 5 daughters and three sons that had children, do there may be K1b2b carriers.

j) 7th great-grandmother FNU LNU married Robert Campbell (?).  I don't know dear FNU's name but surmise she was born in Scotland or Ireland.  I don't know how many children she had besides Sarah.

Each of these mothers is special to me - I wouldn't be here, in this form or place, without them.  They lived, loved, and died trying to be the best person, wife and mother they could be.  They loved every child they had, and wanted only the best for them.  

Are there any cousins reading this who have these same ancestors of mine?  I have four DNA matches (with Ancestry ThruLines) who are descended from Mary Jane Sovereen who have a matrilineal line back to Mary Jane!  I would love to hear from you.


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