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Amanuensis Monday -- 1876 Guardian's Petition for Annie Isabel Seaver (1857-1895) of Worcester County, Massachusetts

 This week's document for transcription is from the 1876 Worcester County, Massachusetts probate file for the guardianship of the Annie Isabel Seaver of Worcester, Massachusetts:

Worcester County, Massachusetts Probate Court Records - Case File 52862, image 11 of 18:

The transcription of this guardian's petition is (handwritten text in italics):

To the Honorable the Judge of the Probate Court in and for the County of

Respecfully represents     Lewis S. Dixon
Guardian of   Annie Isabel Seaver

of    Worcester    in said County of    Worcester    
that said ward    is    interested in certain real estate, to wit:
a piece of land with the buildings thereon
situated in Dedham in the County of Norfolk
Bounded Southerly on High Street, then measuring
from the Southwest corner to the center of an Elm
tree making the Southeast corner of said premises
one hundred and forty two feet; thence northerly upon
the land of Mrs. J.D. Howe known as the Phoenix Hotel
estate about two hundred and seventy seven feet
and nine inches to land of Nathaniel Smith; thence
Westerly on land of said Smith to land of J.P. Maynard
and Maple place so called; thence on said Maple
Place to the point of beginning, being premises late of George Dixon, de-
that it is necessary that said wards interest therein be sold for    her    maintenance
for the reason that the income of    her    estate is insufficient to
maintain     her    and that     she has no sufficient 
means of Support without the proceeds from
the sale of said Interest in said Estate.

Wherefore said Guardian prays that he may be licensed to sell and convey the same
agreeable to the law in such case made and provided.
                                                                     Lewis S. Dixon

The undersigned, being the only next of kin and heirs apparent or presumptive of the
ward named in the foregoing petition, hereby assent to the sale, as prayed for in said petition,
Without further notice.
     H. Nelson Seaver Jr.                                      Charles A. Seaver
     Dixon Dewitt Seaver
          by his guardian
              H. Nelson Seaver

The source citation for this probate file is:

Worcester County, Massachusetts, Probate case files, Case file 52862 (18 images), Annie Isabel Seaver of Worcester, 1876, guardianship; "Worcester County (Massachusetts) Probate File Papers, 1731-1881," digital images, New England Historical and Genealogical Society, American Ancestors  ( accessed 4 September 2022).

The estate file for the guardianship of Annie Isabel Seaver contains 18 images, including:

*  image 1 - cover sheet of estate packet
*  images 2-5:  25 November 1879 - Guardian's account - $471.30 in real property, in cash received for the sale of 1/20th share of the estate of George Dixon.
*  images 6-7:  7 September 1876 - Affidavit of sale of real estate.
*  images 8-9:  10 May 1876 - Bond and Notice of Sale of real estate.
*  images 10-12:  10 May 1876 - Guardian's petition for license to sell real estate
*  images 13-16:  8 February 1876 - Petition, affidavit and decree for guardianship of minors
*  images 17-18:  15 February 1876 - Guardian's bond

Annie Isabel Seaver was born 30 April 1857 in New York City, the daughter of Horace Nelson and Ann Harriet (Dixon) Seaver.   She married 24 January 1883 in Dedham, Massachusetts to Frederick Newland Fales (1855-1917).  Annie died 9 May 1895 in Wrentham, Massachusetts.  They had at least one child.

Annie's mother, Ann Harriet (Dixon) Seaver (1823-1875), died 20 March 1875 in New York City.  She had four living children, Horace Nelson Seaver, Charles Alanson Seaver, Annie Isabel Seaver and Dixon DeWitt Seaver (who are on the transcribed page above), so they are Ann Harriet (Dixon) Seaver's   heirs.  

Ann Harriet (Dixon) Seaver's father, George Dixon (1791-1867) of Dedham, died 19 January 1867 in Dedham.  Her mother, Eliza (Fales) Dixon (1790-1875), died 29 June 1875 in Dedham.  They had at least five living children.

Annie Isabel Seaver received a 1/20th share of the estate of George Dixon, she being one of four children of her mother, Ann Harriet (Dixon) Seaver, who was one of five living children of George and Eliza (Fales) Dixon.  When her grandmother Eliza died in 1875, the estate of George Dixon had to be distributed.  Annie's share of the estate amounted to $471.30.  There were likely 20 grandchildren of George and Eliza (Fales) Dixon.

Note that Annie was age 17 when her mother died, age 10 when her grandfather died, and age 18 when her grandmother died.  Lewis S. Dixon was a brother of Annie's mother, who resided in Worcester in 1876.  Annie probably was living with Lewis S. Dixon in 1876 in Worcester, which is why the probate record was filed in Worcester county, and not in New York City where her parents lived and died, or not in Dedham, Massachusetts, where her grandparents died.  Annie needed the money from her share of the estate of George and Eliza (Fales) Dixon, sold by her uncle and guardian, to live on.

Annie Isabel Seaver is my 6th cousin four times removed.  Our common Seaver ancestor is my 9th great-grandfather, Robert Seaver (1608-1683).


NOTE: Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday." John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Read other transcriptions for records of my ancestors at Amanuensis Monday Posts.

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