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Amanuensis Monday -- 1828 Will of Shubael Seaver (1773-1828) of Swanzey, New Hampshire

 This week's document for transcription is the 1828 Will of Subael Seaver (1773-1828) of  Swanzey Cheshire County, New Hampshire.

1) Cheshire County, New Hampshire Probate Records - Wills, Volumes 76-78, Images 365-366 of 786:

The transcription of this will is:

Shubael Seaver's  {  In the name of God Amen.  I Shubael Seaver
           Will           {  of Swanzey in the County of Cheshire & State of
New Hampshire being weak in body but of a sound & disposing mind
and memory - considering the uncertainty of this life, & being desirous
to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength & capacity as to
do, do make & publish this my last will & testament, and therein
and thereby dispose of all my worldly estate in manner following
to wit.

Firstly - I give bequeath & devise unto Hepsibath Seaver my
wife the use of one third part of all my real estate consisting of
about two hundred acres of land with the buildings &c in said
Swanzey & also three cows and six sheep & one shoat together with
all the household furniture & excepting two beds and beding one
cal'd Grandmams one cooking stove one chist of draws such ar-
ticles of provision as may be necessary for her the said Hepsi-
bath's support for the term of one year from my decease. The above
personal property to be at the final disposal of my said wife.

2.  Secondly - I give bequeath & devise to Sarah Wheeler wife of Jonathan
Whitcomb Jr. Eliza Seaver John P. Seaver Alfred Seaver Polly
Seaver Miranda Seaver Luman Seaver Scuyler Seaver
& Maria Seaver the residue of all my real & personal estate
(after paying my just debts & funeral charges) together with
the reversion of the widows dower to be equally divided among
my above mentioned eleven children excepting the additions
to the share of John P. Seaver a smooth boared fowling piece
marked with the initials of his name on the barrel & to Al-
fred Seaver a double barrel gun & furthermore excepting
& deducting from the shares of Sarah Wheeler wife of Luman
Wheeler & Lucy Whitcomb wife of Jonathan Whitcomb Jr the
hundred & fifty dollars & from the share of Lucy Whitcomb
the sum of eighty four dollars.

3.  Thirdly & lastly - I hereby nominate constitute & appoint
Eliger Carpender to be executor of this my last will and testament
hereby revoking & annulling all former wills by me heretofore

In testimony whereof, I the said Shubael Seaver have to
this my last will and testament set my hand & seal this 12th
day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun-
dred & twenty eight.

Signed Sealed published and declared
by the above named Shubael Seaver in presence
of us, who at his request in his presence
& in the presence of each other have sub-
scribed our names as witnesses thereto.
                                        Shubael Seaver   {Seal}
W'm Seaver
Josiah Prime
Zachariah Field

Recorded by Asa Parker Register of Probate
The source citation for this probate case file is:

"New Hampshire, U.S., Wills and Probate Records, 1643-1982," indexed database with record images, (, "Cheshire County, Wills, Vol. 76-78, 1799-1848," Volume 77, pages 341-42, (images 365-366 of 786), Shubael Seaver of Swanzey, 1828; original data: New Hampshire County, District and Probate Courts.

Shubael Seaver (1773-1828) was born 11 July 1773 in Framingham, Massachusetts, the son of Shubael and Deliverance (Hyde) Seaver.  He married (1) Sarah Pierce (1777-1815) before 1799, probably in Swanzey, New Hampshire.  They had six children:

*  Polly Seaver (1799-1815).
*  Sarah "Sally" Seaver (1802-1831), married 1818 Luman Wheeler (1795-????).
*  Shubael Seaver (1804-????).
*  Elisa Seaver (1807-1830).
*  John P. Seaver (1809-1889), married about 1830 Elizabeth Hamblet (1809-1882).
*  Alfred Seaver (1814-1868), married 1842 Mary Ann Mason (1815-1891).

Shubael Seaver married (2) Hepsibath Stratton (1788-1836) in 1817 in Swanzey.  They had five children:

*  Mary "Polly" Seaver (1818-1858), married 1840 Jacob B. Murdock (1818-1894).
*  Miranda Seaver (1820-1865), married 1843 Isaac Murdock (1821-1880).
*  Luman W. Seaver (1822-1903), married 1844 Lucy J. Mason (1828-1900).
*  Schuyler Seaver (1824-1885), married 1853 Sarah Ann Ellis (1835-1909).
*  Mariah Seaver (1827-1909), married 1848 John E. Read (1826-1883).

Shubael Seaver died 6 December 1828 in Swanzey, New Hampshire.

The will was written on 12 July 1828, and was recorded after the will was proved; the proving date is not provided in this document.  It names all nine of his living children, although the will says "eleven children" in paragraph 2 (this is probably a court clerk's error).

This will is a probate court clerk's copy of the original will.  Other records, such as letters testamentary, a bond, an inventory, an account, and a distribution may be in other Cheshire County probate books.  The widow, Hephsibath (Stratton) Seaver died in 1836, so the final distribution may have been made after her death.  

Shubael Seaver (1773-1828) is my 3rd cousin six times removed.  Our common Seaver ancestor is my 8th great-grandfather Shubael Seaver (1640-1729).


NOTE: Genea-blogger John Newmark (who writes the excellent TransylvanianDutch blog) started a Monday blog theme years ago called "Amanuensis Monday." John offers this definition for "amanuensis:"

"A person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another."

Read other transcriptions of records of my ancestors at Amanuensis Monday Posts.

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