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Early 1860s Photograph of 3rd Great-Grandparents John and Rebecca (Hill) Rich of Hilperton, Wiltshire -- Post 771 of (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

  I can't help it, I can't do a wordless post! This is one of my favorite photographs:

While looking through all of my photograph albums since about 1982, I ran across this black and white image that I obtained in 1990 while visiting my 2nd cousin once removed, Thomas Russell Richmond (1928-2003) in Putnam, Connecticut.  He had a number of photographs from his photo collection handed down from his great-grandparents, James and Hannah (Rich) Richmond (my second great-grandparents).  James and Hannah emigrated from Hilperton, Wiltshire in 1856 to Connecticut.

Unfortunately, I had only a film camera in 1990 and did not even consider taking a photo of the actual photograph.  So  that I could have a copy of some of the photographs, I picked out the ones I wanted to copy and we went to a local drug store that had a Xerox machine.  We made the copies and returned to Russell's home, and he helped me identify the people in the photo.  I wrote a caption on the paper copy next to the image. 

For the photo above, he told me that this photo was of Hannah (Rich) Richmond's parents.  Hannah's parents were John Rich (1790-1868) and Rebecca (Hill) Rich (1790-1862) of Hilperton, Wiltshire.  If this is a photo of John and Rebecca (Hill) Rich, my third great-grandparents, then it had to be taken before 1862.  

As part of my long-term mission to find and document more photos than I can count, I am using the MyHeritage Reimagine mobile app to take photographs of album pages or groups of loose photographs.  The plan is to save each photo on MyHeritage, enhance and colorize the photos, tag the persons in the images, add the date and place to the MyHeritage Photo, download the image to my computer, rename the image file, save it to my "My Pictures" file and to the pertinent family file on my computer, add it to my Ancestry Member Tree gallery, add it to the FamilySearch Family Tree profile of the person(s) in the Memories section, and add it to my Forever account.  

Now I'm wondering what other photographs I have missed hidden away in my vast collection of family photographs that are in albums and boxes of photographs handed down and taken over the years.  

This is all part of our family history.


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