Saturday, June 29, 2024

Free Canadian Records for Canada Day on MyHeritage

I received this information from Daniel Horowitz of MyHeritage today:


I’m pleased to share that in honor of Canada Day, we are offering free access to all 135.4 million Canadian historical records on MyHeritage for a limited time, from June 27 to July 2, 2024.

Search Canadian records for free

MyHeritage has 183 collections from Canada, including vital records (birth, marriage, and death), census records, immigration and passenger lists, military records, and newspapers pages. Among these collections, we have recently added the 1931 Canada Census, complete with an index created by MyHeritage. These records provide a wealth of information that can help anyone with Canadian heritage learn more about their family story.

Read more on our blog.


Disclosure: I receive a complimentary subscription to MyHeritage, and have received other material consideration in past years. I uploaded my autosomal DNA raw data to their DNA product. This does not affect my objective analysis of MyHeritage products. I am a subscriber to Family Tree Webinars and love it.

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