Sunday, May 21, 2006

Dollarhide's Census Book is online

One of the most useful books on US federal census records was "The Census Book" by William Dollarhide. It is available online for FREE at this site. It is in PDF files for each chapter.

Chapter 5 provides a form for each federal census, and a special form to help decipher the household entries for 1790 to 1840 where only the head of household is named and numbers of people in different age and gender groups are provided by the census rather than names of those in the household. See page 180 for the special form.

What other genealogy research books are online for Free? Tell me!


Unknown said...

I am trying to get the birth certificate for my great great grandfather from Norway, born in aprox. 1830, came to America about 1883 or 1884. I don't know where he entered America.
I am new at this.

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