Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Census Whacking - PG Rating

I can't help it...I like to find funny (or strange) names in the cxensus records. I don't have much free time on my hands, but I spend a bit of it doing this for amusement. As you might imagine, some of the names are a bit naughty. Some are real naughty...but I will leave them to your own census whacking proclivities (you know the seven words? Try them). This list includes some PG-rated names.

These are all from the 1900 US Census head-of-household index on Heritage Quest Online. Some are funny/strange/sad given names, some are funny/strange/sad surnames, and most are a funny/strange/sad combination of given and surnames.

Smart Rich -- Hampton county, SC
Pros Folker -- Pottawatomie County, KS
Ass Weed -- New York City
Mary Mother -- Fillmore County, MN
Valentine Hunk -- Ellsworth County, KS

Slow Walks -- Chouteau County, MT
Doctor Play -- Moore County, NC
Jack Ripper -- Rockland County, NY
King Solomon -- Washington County, MS
Ding Dong -- San Francisco, CA

Peter Pecker -- Livingston County, NY
Peter Penis -- Onondaga County, NY
Peter Teaser -- Peoria County, IL
Reinhard Prick -- Macomb County, MI
David Horndog -- Buffalo County, SD

Pussy Moorehead -- Orange County, IN
Titty Peister -- Newberry County, SC
Hugh Titman -- Schuylkill County, PA
Tan Tits -- Hudson county, NJ
Virgin Buster -- Miller County, MO

Tillie Fugger -- Onondaga County, NY
Baldrock Blind -- Tuolumne County, CA
Harry Stink -- Blair county, PA
Fannie Off -- Cook County, IL
Fook You -- Multnomah County, OR

Golden Bastard -- Jefferson County, AR
Elmer Ghoul -- Tioga County, PA
Lord Z. Demon -- Lawrence County, OH
Kid Dude -- Issaquena County, MS
Puke Goodbar -- Davidson County, TN

I apologize if you are offended by these names - I didn't make them up. Their parents named them, or the census taker messed them up!

Is anybody reading descended from any of these folks? It would be interesting (and maybe time wasting) to track some of these folks back to at least 1850.

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