Thursday, May 25, 2006

Janice Farnsworth - a Genealogy hero!

One of my genealogy heroes is Janice Farnsworth, who has transcribed and edited numerous New England history books and posted them freely on the Internet. Her web site with the transcriptions, and links to other sites with her work, is here.

Janice posts frequently to the GenMassachusetts-L mailing list for genealogy in the State of Massachusetts. However, her book transcriptions cover all of New England.

I share some of the colonial families with Janice - namely Prescott, Whitney, Stearns and a number of other Watertown, Chelmsford, and Lancaster families. Her work has helped me immeasurably.

Go visit Janice's site and read from some of the books - I have spent hours on her site just reading material that I would have to go to New England to find on a library shelf.

Do you know of other web sites with transcribed genealogy books? If so, please tell me about them!

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