Friday, May 26, 2006

'Search for Ancestors' Web site

I'm always on the lookout for web sites that make my research job easier. The Search for Ancestors site was found by a tip in the latest San Diego Genealogical Society newsletter.

There are a number of search pages at this site, including:

1) Easy Google Genealogy Search (many choices)
2) Global Genealogy Search (databases with surnames)
3) Quick Search Surname Finder (30 global search engines)
4) Records Search (military, obituary, cemetery, biography, etc)
5) Ethnic Genealogy Search
6) Regional Search
7) Genealogy How-To and Help
8) Rootsweb Search
9) Internet Genealogy Search
10) Living People Search
11) Surname Origin Search
12) Surname Information Search
13) Tools for Genealogy
14) Historical Maps for Genealogy

Each of these topics has several more links on the page. There are several other links on the right sidebar of the web page.

Go explore and let me know if you find something useful!

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