Friday, May 26, 2006

The best obituary ever??

Usually, a family will have a glowing obituary of their loved one published in the local newspaper. Sometimes, the publisher takes it upon himself to tell it like it is - to wit:

This obituary is from the "Clio Messenger," October 5, 1933, Clio (Genesee County) Michigan. Montrose is a small town near Clio (obtained from here).


"Montrose lost one of its former residents this week when Peter Leonard died at the home of his daughter in Flint. Pete was probably one the worst old reprobates that ever graced the streets of Montrose.

“Always a trouble-maker without a good word for man, woman or child -- words of truth probably never passed from his mouth for many of the fifty years of his depredations on earth.

“Unprincipled from the years that the writer knew him, meanness far surpassed any thoughts of goodness that the average person would command and exemplify.

“He has passed on, and it is not likely that Montrose will ever have another resident his equal -- at least most people have their ‘moments of decency.’ May his sojourn in Hell be as lengthy as his cursed days on earth is the wish of his many enemies."

Ralph C. Gillett, Editor and Publisher

The publisher had the guts to sign his name. It kind of makes me wonder if he had a grudge against poor old Peter. Did the family have no glowing thoughts?

Do you have any humorous or real sad obituaries - if so, please pass them along.

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