Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Our Name in History" books by Ancestry

MyFamily.com (Ancestry) announced today that they would produce customized books for "Our Name in History" for the princely sum of $49.95. The announcement is here. What you receive is:

Each Our Name in History book, approximately 90 pages and 8 x 8 inches in size, offers a wealth of fascinating tidbits, trends and trivia such as:

* Historical Timeline - Points of interest about the last name over the past two centuries in context of major events in history

* Family Facts - A variety of immigration, military and historical information about the name such as its origin, meaning, popularity, life expectancy rates, Civil War statistics,
occupations, household distributions, etc.

* Historical Visuals - A customized selection of photos, maps, charts, graphs, etc. showcasing the stories and facts about your family name

* Discover Your Family - How-to tips on getting started with your own personal family history by building your unique family stories and an introductory version of Family Tree Maker, the No.1 selling software product for searching and sharing your family history

Isn't that just bloody great? What a ripoff!

To be clear, they will provide exactly what they describe - fascinating tidbits, trends and trivia. It will be pretty much content free for a person's actual ancestry. At least the data will be more accurate than what we saw out of Halbert's in Bath OH or the "YourName" Family News scam in Denver about 10 years ago.

No thanks!

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Anonymous said...


I saw an advertisement for these books a while ago and came to the same conclusion you did.

What I'd love to see, though, are well-researched One Name Studies of some of my ancestral surnames. Unfortunately, the cost of real research is considerably higher than $49.95!