Friday, November 17, 2006

You can buy genealogy research on eBay

I didn't know that! Look at this eBay auction - Bob Ausbourne has apparently been doing this for some time. He is offering 2 hours of genealogy research on the Internet for a $3 starting bid in the auction. Or you can buy 2 hours now for $5.

Bob provides a description of his capabilities:

I’m Bob Ausbourne, a professional genealogist for the past 7 years, a passionate family tree enthusiast for well over 40 years and former publisher of "The Genealogical Acorn". My field of expertise is U.S. research. Whenever I have clients with research needs outside the U.S., I prefer to refer them to professionals in those geographical areas. My wife, Linda, also a professional researcher, is excellent at documentation and can assist greatly with proper data entry in family tree software programs.

Our regular rate for research is $12 per hour. Here on Ebay we are offering 2 hours of INTERNET research for as little as $3. Why? No hidden agenda, we simply want you to be lured in by the thrill of discovery, pleased with our work and have a desire for us to continue. We will never withhold any info that we find during our research.

What we need from you is all pertinent data that you now possess regarding the line or lines that you want us to research. Full names (as best known), dates and locations of births, deaths and marriages, plus places of residence if not included in the vitals. Please do not withhold important information from us. We do not need to waste your money or our time playing “hide-and-seek”.

Want to see our references? Just check our feedback. We have received wonderful response and have many satisfied clientele, some ecstatic.

Interesting, eh? Is this how it will be done in the future? Are you willing and eager to sell your services on eBay? Of course, there is the ranking system for customers to express their satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

NOW why did I not think of that? I sit in front of my computer doing internet research everyday...I could be paid to do it? Hmmm think I will pass, I am not sure I have the patience to work on other peoples least with mine I can put it aside if it gets frustrating! I do wish Bob lots of fun and luck with his enterprise. I do think this is a needed service to the public...might help folks with cash and not time and patience to get the RIGHT FAMILY LINES.