Thursday, November 16, 2006

Undue Intimacy - just desserts?

I was poking around in the Historical Newspaper collection on Ancestry tonight, and found this gem from the Albert Lea (MN) Standard newspaper dated 19 September 1878, under the "News of the Week" column:

"Wm. T. White, of Visalia, Cal., suspecting undue intimacy between his wife and Dr. Mehring, family physician, ostensibly left home, but soon returning found Mehring in Mrs. White's bed room, attacked him with a pen knife and cut his throat, causing instant death."

It's amazing what news you pick up by browsing...I wonder if Mr White was charged with murder (obviously, he thought about it before he killed him), if the Whites remained husband and wife, and who cleaned up the bedroom. Wouldn't it be terrible to have any of these folks as your ancestors?

Would this make the newspapers today? It would probably be endless -- sounds kind of like the OJ murders, eh?

Back to browsing!

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