Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ordinary People with Famous Names

Chip Rowe has a very interesting (and humorous) web site at http://chiprowe.com (how original! Watch out for the first article in his stack, and many more. This guy is prolific). Among his pages, is an article about ordinary people with famous names at http://chiprowe.com/articles/names.html.

He mailed a questionnaire to people with names like Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Bob Dole, Roseanne Barr, Howard Stern, Clint Eastwood, and several more.

He received seven responses, which are all posted on his web page. Take a look - it's fun.

My name? I was surprised the first time I name-googled myself - there were Randy Seaver people in San Diego, Minnesota (a lawyer), Florida (an alligator hunter?), Tennessee, Pittsburgh PA, and Biddeford ME (a newspaper editor). However, most of the hits were from my blog or research pages.

How about your name? Rare or common? Are you the only one with your name? Have you name-googled yourself?

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Anonymous said...

I name-googled myself and I am an author in New York...who recently got married. And a Star Pole Vaulter at University of Michigan or was it Wisconsin? The only mention of ME are my message board questions asking for family information LOL
It is a real wonder to be so FAMOUS!
I name-googled my Friend Adam DITTO...and ALL the articles are about HIM seems NO one has his name but him, I felt sorry for him LOL
Enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work, have a fantastic day

Felicia Hodges- the one who has not made a name for herself