Saturday, February 10, 2007

An interesting genealogy day

Today was almost "all genealogy."

I read my email in the morning, and wrote the first two blog posts for the day. I left at 9:45 to attend the book fair at the library - but bought nothing.

Then it was off to the Family History Center for an hour. I finished up the South Kingstown (RI) probate records I have been downloading to my flash drive - only one guy today, Elijah Champlin who died in 1778. I checked the card catalog and found that the FHC does not have any more town probate records. So I need to start ordering films from SLC - ordered two today at $6.20 each (maybe I should consider going to SLC more often).

I went to the San Diego Genealogical Society meeting at noon. Penny Feike, a local professional genealogist, was the speaker. Her topic was "The Conjoined Twins - Land and Court Records." Her main point is that you need to work land and court records together - and you will likely be rewarded with information that proves relationships. Her strategy is to order the land and probate indexes on film at the FHC, then go read the actual records at SLC in order to save money. She said that on her last trip she read 350 films, based on the indexes she had prepared before she went. An excellent tip!

At the meeting, a couple came up to me and thanked me for my November presentation about the census - my information had helped them find census records for their families.

When I got home, I watched some of the Pro Bowl, but fell asleep and had a nice nap. The game was boring, so I came into the computer and tried to use the free GenealogyBank web site. They had no more info on Benjamin Franklin Seaver - that was about the only thing I checked. It was very slow - probably overloaded with all the freebies. I will try it later at night!

We went out to a nice place for dinner - Filet mignon and rack of lamb, topped off with a 31 Flavors two-scoop sundae on the way home.

I got back on the computer and read Craig Manson's blog post about his "First Geneablogie Challenge - Find this relation and win" contest. I can't resist doing this...I spent two hours trying to solve his puzzle but did not succeed on the first try. I'll think a bit more. I did find two census records that he didn't tell us about in his post - maybe they are new for him. I hope so.

I realized that I hadn't posted anything since this morning, so you get this prolix stream of consciousness day summary (my daughters always wonder what I do all day, heh heh) to ponder over your midnight snack or maybe your morning pancakes. See you tomorrow, when it wil be another holy genealogy day here at the Genea-Cave.

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