Monday, February 5, 2007

NGS NewsMagazine Vol 33 No 1 Jan-Mar, 2007 index

I am still frustrated by the problem of magazine indexes - it is impossible for me to easily find magazine articles when I want them. My options are to make my own index in a word processor or spreadsheet, blog about them as they come in and thereby create an ongoing index, search PERSI occasionally, or just browse the stack of each magazine in the genea-cave.

Therefore, this is an experiment. Perhaps it will peter out; perhaps it will prompt some readers to find the magazine and read it; perhaps it will help me later. We'll see.

The National Genealogical Society quarterly newsletter, called NGS NewsMagazine, is absolutely excellent, issue after issue, currently. I read every article and learn something from each of them. The most recent issue is January/February/March 2007, Volume 33, Number 1. The feature articles include:

* Using the NGS Web Site - page 10
* 400 Years of family history, by Barbara Vines Little - page 11
* Stepping out of the comfort zone: Exploring a different ethnicity, by Christine L. Sweet-Hart - page 12
* Keeping the memory: Sources for Jewish death records, by Gladys Friedman Paulin - page 15
* Finding an ancestor's European origins, by Thomas W. Jones - page 19
* What's in a surname? A studsy of Croatian, Bosnian, and Serbian surnames, by Robert Jerin - page 24
* Case study: Finding a daughter for Amy, by Myra Vanderpool Gormley - page 28
* Case study: Finding parents for Harry, by Helen A. Shaw - page 31
* Putting PERSI to work for you, by Sandra MacLean Clunies - page 44
* Hunting in the 'ivory tower,' by Beth A. Stahr - page 47
* Using manuscripts to create a family history, by Laura G. Prescott - page 51
* Charting your priorities, by Susan Zacharias - page 54

My favorites of the above articles were the two Case Study articles, the PERSI article and the manuscript article. They are all "savers" - I wish I had an electronic copy of them.

Drew Smith's Technology column - titled "Watching the technology parade," was also excellent and appreciated. I hope he blogs about his topic, so that we can link to it and comment on it.

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