Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Joe's Genealogy Branches Site - and more!

You probably knew all about Joe Beine's "Genealogy Articles, Tips and Research Guides" web site - at I had somehow missed it until recently.

It is absolutely wonderful, with categories of Census Records, Military Records, Naturalization Records, Passenger Lists, Irish Research, Native American Research, State Research Guides, Records and Families, and Miscellaneous.

Joe also has a web page for General Genealogy Links at and for German Genealogy Resources at

Of course, I have been using Joe's Death, Birth and Marriage, Military, Census, Naturalization and Passenger List Indexes, but I had missed this "summary" page.

One thing I also noticed was that some of the pages linked from the Genealogy Branches page are not the specific pages noted just above - so check the links from and the specific pages just above (e.g., the Military links on and on

Lastly, Joe has a Genealogy Fun page with "25 Things That Make Genealogy Fun" - this is good! My favorite is:

13. You wonder why a non-profit religious organization can distribute National Archives microfilm better than the National Archives.

I really appreciate Joe's hard work in creating these web pages that make my research (well, everybody's!) a lot easier!

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Joe said...

Dude! I'm always losing track of my websites and I constantly have to rely on search engines to find them. Now you have done the impossible! Summarized them in one brief blog post! Amazing! :)