Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Father and his boys

I wanted to post some pictures of my father with me and my brothers. He loved playing with all of us, and had such high hopes for each of us as ballplayers. Life doesn't always go the way a father plans it - I had bad eyes, my brothers played as kids, but not as adults.

I found that I haven't scanned as many pictures as I should have. Here are a few:

The first one is of my father and me when I was a baby - probably in 1944. This is probably at the house they rented in Chula Vista.

This picture was taken in 1954 at Christmas time at the house of my father's Aunt Emily (the lady in the picture). My brother Stan is wearing a tie.

Baseball was a major part of our life, as I've described in earlier posts. My father coached Little League, Stan played, I kept score and my youngest brother Scott was the bat boy. This is in the summer of 1959.

My brother Scott was married in 1976, and this is the only photo we have of the family together after about 1960. We're all grown up, and some of us are losing our hair. Not my dad or brothers, though! And my mother was so proud of all of us!

I know where there are more pictures - in the box on the floor of the Genea-Cave, buried under everything else. I feel a great need to go through the pictures I have, scan them, and get them onto a CDROM for my brothers and kids so that they are not lost. So many projects, so little time....

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