Friday, October 12, 2007

Family History for Kids

At the risk of being a Maureen Taylor cheerleader today, I want to pass on her web site called Family History for Kids.

Sharp readers will recall that I had a question at one of our CVGS meetings about genealogy resources for children and all I could think of was to find applicable articles online and books on Amazon.

Maureen's site has a number of pages:

* Family History for Kids Resources - this has quite a few books addressing the subject.

* How to Get Kids Interested in Family History - three articles that describe organizing and preserving children art, getting children involved in scrapbooking, and five reasons to teach genealogy to children.

Following a link on the web site, I found a new genealogy-related blog (at least for me) called The Last Muster. One of Maureen's book projects is finding photographs of Revolutionary War veterans.

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