Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Best of the Genea-blogs - Week of September 30-October 6

I just got home from Santa Cruz, and have a massive list of email and a stack of snail mail and newspapers to sort through, so I'm going to take the smart way out this week.

Rather than take several hours to go find and list my favorite genea-blog posts of the last week (since I didn't make a list like I usually do), I'm going to give you the link to Terry Thornton's post "Don't Miss These ..." on his Hill Country of Monroe County blog.

He has neatly listed a number of outstanding posts from the last week. Please go visit Terry's blog and read the recommended articles. As always, there is at least one post on this list that I haven't read, and a blog I haven't put on my blog list. I will!

Thanks Terry!

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