Friday, October 12, 2007

"Photo Detective" Article in WSJ Today

As an avid reader of genealogy magazines and genealogy blogs, I feel like I "know" many of the authors and writers who frequently contribute to these outlets. And I often wish that I knew them better personally and professionally, since I really appreciate their talents.

Such is the case with Maureen Taylor, whose beautiful face peers at me every issue from Family Tree Magazine (and previously from the New England Ancestors magazine). Maureen has a web site at and a blog, aptly titled The Photo Detective at

Maureen's work was summarized today in an article titled "The Photo Detective" by Alexandra Alter in the 12 October 2007 issue of The Wall Street Journal - online here (for how long, I don't know).

This is a wonderful article about Maureen and her work, and provides an insight into her accomplishments, her workstyle, and her life. This paragraph from the article describes her current worklife:

"Since she launched her business 10 years ago, Ms. Taylor says, she's tackled some 10,000 photo puzzles. Working out of a cluttered office in her Westwood, Mass., home, she receives about 30 requests each week, up from five a decade ago. She is sought out by collectors, historians and even TV producers to weigh in on controversies. Her current preoccupation: finding lost or unidentified photos of people who lived during the Revolutionary War."

The article provides stories and pictures for several examples of her detective work. Read it and appreciate her talents and her willingness to share them with us.

The one strange thing I noticed was that the video on the article web page was made about Colleen Fitzpatrick (who has the web site and not a video of Maureen Taylor.


The Photo Detective said...

Hi Randy,

Thank you for posting a notice about the article in Friday's Wall Street Journal. I'm very happy with it. If anyone wants to "watch and listen" to me solve cases I've posted a video of three photos identifications on my website Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

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