Monday, October 8, 2007

A quiet day in the redwoods

I'm still in the Santa Cruz mountains at my daughter's house. It's a little cabin with a room addition in back - pretty small for a growing family, and surrounded by redwood trees. When the boys (ages 4 and 19 months) are around I call it Chaos Manor.

The older boy is really into airplanes - they went to a Blue Angels air show last week and got a great book with airplane pictures, maneuvers, stories, etc. I've been showing him the different maneuvers using a Blue Angels F-18 model airplane. I've also started explaining how an airplane works - lift, drag, thrust, weight, pitch, roll, yaw, etc. Another couple of lessons and he'll have it down. He has a box full of airplanes, and some airplane toys that are launched outside, plus some rocket ship models. It's really fun to work with him.

The little guy is really tough and adorable. When his brother grabs him, he fights back - they weigh almost the same. He loves being with men - we sit and he points at body parts and when I name them he points at his own body part. He knows them all. He's just starting to say words, but he has Yes and No (complete with head motion - Yes is hard!) and OK down pat. I'm sleeping in the same room with him, and my slumber has been fitful. He woke up at 12:30 AM last night, so I got him in bed with me and he went until 3 AM, then woke up and his mom nursed him a bit, and put him down. He woke up before 6 and she took him into bed with her. Both boys were up by 6:30 and I went out to monitor their feed and play activities while mom slept a bit more.

We took them both to pre-school (separate schools) this morning by 9 AM, then went for a walk in the state park in the redwoods with Annie (the dog), and had breakfast before we went shopping. My daughter is off at the preschool now for a meeting, and she'll bring the boys back after 3 PM. So I have 2 whole hours to do my thing - post this blog, take a nap, read my book, watch TV, etc. When they get home, I have to supervise dinner, bath and night time, so I'm sure it will be chaotic for awhile.

I go home tomorrow afternoon, so I won't post anything until the evening. I have lots of work to do - our CVGS seminar is in 11 days, and I have to finish my four presentations. I'm about 30% done right now, but I have it all planned out. Then I need to work on the syllabus.

I'm sorry I haven't posted more about genealogy things - but I know my fellow genea-bloggers have, so if you're bored by Genea-Musings please click on one of the links on my blogroll and see if they've written anything interesting.

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questors said...

Randy -
I just got back myself from a visit to the redwoods (BC) outside of SC. Who knows - our daughters may be just about neighbors. But no preschool drop-offs for me. Instead I helped my granddaughter move onto campus at UCSC.
- Sharon