Sunday, October 7, 2007

Deal of the Year?

Lee Drew at the FamHist genealogy blog found a real "deal" on genealogy software and an Ancestry subscription. See his post "Genealogists - Deal of the Year." There is a link on his page to buy FamilyTreeMaker 16, GenSmarts, an Ancestry subscription and more stuff for $15.49 plus shipping from a website called

Lee thinks that the year's subscription to Ancestry may be the World Deluxe subscription.

The regular price for this was $99.99 and they say it is a $450 value. We'll see. I ordered it because I want to try GenSmarts. If it is really a World Deluxe subscription to Ancestry, I'll keep it and use it for myself, cancelling my current US Deluxe subscription when it expires in a month. I'll probably donate the FTM 16 and other items to CVGS for the opportunity drawings we have each month.

I'll let you know what I get when I get it. Sometimes deals like this are too good to be true, and sometimes they are everything they claim it to be.

Thanks to Lee for his sharp eye for a good deal. Did he order it also?


Anonymous said...

I didn't find the deal at this price. I found one for about $29, must have changed the price after one day?

Lee Drew said...

Yes, apparently the price did go up. The vendor probably realized they had a 'hot' item in their inventory when so many folks started buying the same thing and hence raised the price.

The lower price was in place for several weeks prior to the posting I put on my blog.

It it still a good value if you take in consideration the cost of a year subscription to Ancestry and the other software in the package.

don said...

I also purchased this "deal" with some trepidation, but have found it to be just exactly that, a DEAL. My software came in a box, which reflected all of the same claims that the advertisement did. I installed it, and activated the subscription, which required a phone call to Ancestry, but all has been just exactly as promised. In fact, the associate at Ancestry gave me a phone number to call to "cancel any additional charges" and then gave me the date to make the call!

Steve said...

I grabbed that deal up quick. I'm usually the one that waits or finds it after they raise the price. Thanks for the notice!

Greengrass said...

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