Monday, October 29, 2007

Hallowe'en Names

There are a number of families in the Rootsweb WorldConnect database at that have surnames connected to Hallowe'en. For instance:

1) The GHOST family - there are 479 entries, including the descendants of Philip Ghost of Westmoreland County PA - see 6 generations here. It looks like at least one GHOST from this family is still living.

2) The GOBLIN family - There are 31 entries for this surname. It looks like there are no real GOBLIN family trees - only isolated GOBLIN women who married men with other surnames.

3) The SKELETON family - there are 380 entries but few trees with many generations. Methinks these are mostly misspelled SKELTON people.

4) The FRANKENSTEIN family - There are 797 entries, and most of them are of German origin. One family that settled in Rochester NY is here.

5) The WITCH family - there are 114 entries, but no long family lines in the database.

6) The PUMPKIN family - there are 67 entries, but no long family lines.

7) The HAUNT family - there are only 4 entries, none with a family line.

8) The SPOOK family - there are 11 entries, and only one with a three generation family.

9) The GHOUL family - there are 11 entries.

10) The JACKO family has 65 entries.

11) The LANTERN family has 214 entries. But there are no people named Jack O. Lantern.

12) There are 190 CAT entries. There are no Black Cat names.

13) There are 13 SCARY entries - many of them still living.

14) There are 35 DRACULA entries, many of them are related to The Count.

15) There are 538 CEMETERY entries.

16) There are 2,769 MONSTER entries. No Monster Mash, though.

17) There are 592 SKULL entries.

18) There are 81 SPIRIT entries. There is a Holy Spirit with a lady named Mary, with a child.

19) There are 4 entries for "Spider Webb"

20) There are 163 entries for SCREECH.

21) There are 5 entries for HALLOWEEN - even a Mary Halloween.

22) There are no VAMPIRE family entries.

Enough!! What other Hallowe'en oriented surnames can you think of? Are they in WorldConnect?

Happy Hallowe'en!! Trick or Treat?

Yep - TRICK has 3,250 entries and TREAT has 45,879 entries!

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Anonymous said...

The Hallows family has over 600 entries. (All Hallows Eve)