Friday, November 2, 2007

FTM 2008 Webinar Available

A Webinar (a WEB semINAR) was held on Thursday, 25 October at 8:30 EDT to demonstrate FamilyTreeMaker 2008 and answer questions the attendees had concerning FTM 2008. The Blog post with the link into the Webinar is at

You can watch and hear this webinar until sometime in early 2008 (I saw the date but can't find it now!). You do have to register your name and email to watch the demonstration. The total time is just over 1 hour.

There is a Powerpoint style presentation with over 140 slides, most of them screen shots showing how FTM 2008 works and the different menus, tabs and options. You hear the lecture but don't see the speakers. You can download the presentation to your computer (13.4 mb).

After viewing the webinar, I have a much better understanding of the capabilities and features are of FTM 2008. I understand why they had to build a new version. Some of the features, especially the maps and web integration are pretty cool (assuming you have a fast Internet connection and an Ancestry subscription, of course).

They answer some common questions at the beginning of the presentation, and then answer questions from webinar participants at the end (you hear the question and response - no visuals).

I encourage anyone interested in genealogy software to spend the hour to register, connect, listen and watch the webinar.

I downloaded the slides so that I can show a few of them to the curious members in our society. This would be a great society presentation for FamilyTreeMaker to take on the road. Wanna come to Chula Vista - it's warm in the winter!

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