Friday, November 2, 2007

Out D@mn Sp@m

Arrggghhh. This blog has survived for over 18 months without a major spam attack. Consequently, I've kept comments open to anyone without moderation or word verification.

This morning, I enabled registration and word verification in order to stop the ongoing sp@m attack. I got about 60 emails this morning with comments - one for each post. The comments are about prescription drugs. The spammer has a long way to go, however!

I figure that most of my readers, at least the ones who comment, are registered with Blogger anyway, so it will be a small distraction to most commenters. Of course, I don't get many comments anyway.

Back to genealogy ... by the way, have you seen my Genea-Journal posts over at the Geneaholic? Read all about my so-called genealogy daily life. It's probably much more than you really want or need to know. It's all part of my therapy. How's that for a nakedly obvious blogflog?

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