Saturday, November 3, 2007

The American Genealogist - January 2007 Issue

The January 2007 issue (published September 2007) of The American Genealogist (TAG) arrived yesterday, accompanied by the index for the 2006 issues. This is Volume 82, Number 1, Whole Number 325.

Here is the Table of Contents:

* "Ryurik and the First Ryurkids: Context, Problems, Sources, by Norman W. Ingham and Christian Raffensperger - page 1
* "Legalities and Stubbornness" - page 13
* "The Two Bad Marriages of Ruth Aldridge of Smithfield, Rhode Island " by Richard H. Benson - page 14
* "On the Supposed Royal Ancestry of John ap Edward, Evan ap Edward, and William ap Edward of Pennsylvania" by Stewart Baldwin - page 17
* "'Aye, But'" - page 31
* "The English Origin of John Baisey/Baysey of Hartford, Connecticut: Cousin of the Olmstead Family of Hartford" by Leslie Mahler - page 32
* "Much Demented - or Lamented" - page 38
* "Anthony and Grace (---) (Hall) White of Watertown, Massachusetts" by Glade Ian Nelson - page 39
* "Card-Playing and 'The Corrupting of Truth' " - page 48
* "Enigmas #23: Was Capt. Rufus Gardner of New London, Connecticut, a Son of Capt. Christopher Gardner of south Kingstown, Rhode Island" by Roger D. Joslyn - page 49
* "Of Nightgowns and Childish Misapprehensions" - page 62
* "The English Origin of William Dudley of Guilford, Connecticut" by Martin E. Hollick - page 63
* "Theatrical (and Ecclesiastical) Skullduggery" - page 75
* "One Wife Too Many? Two Wives Too Many? 'How It Is and How It Was' " by Ronald A. Hill - page 76
* "Editorial Notes and Observations: Church records; 'Modified Register' or 'NGSQ Style'?; Congratulations to Joe Anderson; The 2006 index and contents." - page 78
* "Book Reviews" - page 80

The book reviews were for:

* "Descendants of John Cox of Abington, Indiana, and Joseph Cox of Hampton, Illinois" by Ruth Ann Hicks and William Jerome Utermohlen (Rockland, Maine, Penobscot Press, 2007).
* "The Genealogist's Address Book: Listing More than 28,000 Organizations Worldwide," compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, edition 5.3, PDF format on CD-ROM (Woodsboro, Md., Bentley Enterprises, 2006).

TAG is my favorite genealogy journal because it has more articles about my New England ancestral families than any other periodical, even the NEHGR. It has the occasional article on medieval genealogy (this issue it's about the early Rus people), Royal ancestry, studies of enigmas, English origins, and the short filler pieces that are often humorous or at least strange.

TAG is a stand-alone publication, not affiliated with a genealogy society or commercial company. The editors are David L. Greene, Robert Charles Anderson and Josepg C. Anderson, who are all Fellows of the American Society of Genealogists - a select group!

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Lori Thornton said...

I'm so glad you posted this about TAG. TAG is the one publication that I've never found in a library to browse. I've never seen them displaying at a major genealogical conference. I've always seen their publication mentioned as a great publication, but their extremely dated web site which shows 2005 issues as the most recent made me wonder how committed to publication they are. Having been a periodicals librarian for a long time, I knew that many publications lag behind schedule. If theirs was one with a publication schedule two years behind, I feared (based on my previous experience as a periodicals librarian)that they wouldn't be around for long. I'm glad they are only a few months behind, and I'm glad to know what is in the issue.