Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin is my cousin too!

Isn't that amazing? I have a distant cousin running on both tickets in the 2008 Presidential election! See here for my cousinhood with Barack Obama.

Robert Battle has an Ancestry of Sarah Palin at I checked the list of ancestors, and Sarah (Heath) Palin, present Governor of Alaska and Republican vice-presidential nominee, has a significant New England and Mayflower ancestry (Warren, Howland, Brewster, Tilley and Hopkins) and also has several ancestors in common with me:

* 14590 Richard Warren (1578-1628)
* 14591 Elizabeth Walker (????-1673)

* 15894 Thomas Prence (1600-1673)

Sarah (Heath) Palin is the 11th great-granddaughter of these three people, and I am the 10th great-grandson of them. So that makes Sarah my 10th cousin once removed. How cool is that?

The offer still holds for both of my cousins on the tickets - if you want to come visit me in Chula Vista, I have a guest room waiting. We can talk about our common ancestry.... unless you really care about my political opinions.


Alexisnexus said...

Alexisnexus said...

Just in from the Honolulu dvertiser
on Palin family ties

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Also on Sarah Palin and her family ties:;page=2